When does a Company pay for Travel Expenses during an Interview

Recruiters are open to the idea of calling candidates from various geographical locations in the thirst of finding the right one. The thing with a job interview is that you might spend a major chunk of your salary in traveling to and fro without the assurance that it will be worth the money. Everyone is looking for a better opportunity professionally but is it good enough to splurge money on? With this doubt in mind, various candidates back off from such interviews and prefer attaining contentment in their present jobs. This can lead to recruiters missing out on efficient candidates. Companies have to make do with the local talent instead of exploring other experts of the field. Keeping this in mind, certain companies offer reimbursement for the travel expenses incurred by the candidate.

There are organizations which recognize the capability of the candidate and accordingly offer reimbursement. If a company believes that a certain candidate might be a good catch, they will not only offer expenses for commuting but also hotel stay and also local entertainment. This is to please the candidate so that he is willing to work with the company. But at times, companies don’t offer to pay for your travel expenses. Such a situation can be tricky as asking for travel reimbursement might jeopardize your chances of selection. Experts believe that the necessary approach for this depends on the position offered. If it is an important position, the candidate can be bold and say that he is willing to come but would like to know the procedure of travel reimbursement. This gives them an impression that you are such a valuable candidate that you deserve to receive travel expenses.

How to know if a company will pay for travel expenses?

Usually, when a company is willing to pay for the candidate’s travel expenses, it is stated in the interview letter in order to lure the candidate towards the company. But if there is no mention of it, then that itself is a sign. This means that maybe the company has already got good applications locally. Thus they are not keen on spending money for candidates living elsewhere. If one asks for reimbursement, he will receive the cliché answer that it doesn’t fit into the company’s budget. If you desperately need the opportunity and believe that you can outsmart the rest of the candidates, go ahead with the interview. But if you aren’t that sure about it and the company hasn’t discussed travel reimbursement, then it’s better to be loyal to your own company.

There might be a situation when you can’t afford to travel for the interview but are in dire need of the job. What should one do during such turmoil? One of the simplest ways to deal with it is, to be honest with the interviewer. Have a talk asking if the company’s budget can’t allow travel reimbursement, then give the interview on web call. Skype interviews are not a novel concept anymore. If the recruiter is impressed with your resume, he will comply with your request. If he doesn’t, then it means that maybe the company won’t value your services as an employee. At the end of the day, if you are good at what you do, opportunities will come up to you.

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