Coolest Jobs That Can Become Your Next Gig

You’ve been working at your company for a few years now, but you find your job dull and boring. It has become so monotonous, doing the same thing every day. But that’s how jobs are supposed to be, right? I don’t think so. There are a bunch of coolest jobs that are super fun and will earn you a great deal of money.

coolest jobs

So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at some of the coolest jobs that may become your next gig. These jobs are so cool that you would be surprised that people actually pay for doing this stuff. But, they are all professional jobs and getting into any of those would be great for your personal as well as professional growth.

A Mystery Shopper

Are you a shopaholic? Then this is the job of your dream. You get to shop from different brands and get paid to do that, isn’t that amazing? As brands keep customer service as their top priority, the demand for mystery shoppers increases. The job profile involves shopping from a specific brand or store, without revealing that you’re a mystery shopper and observing their customer service and other aspects of the store. After that, you need to fill the details of your experience and you can get reimbursed for the money that you spent.

A Seat Filler at Awards Shows

Yeah, you heard (read) it right! You just need to dress up and fill those empty seats at an award ceremony. Event organizers often pay to seat fillers so that the house looks packed to the TV audience. So, get all dolled up with your evening dress, click some selfies and show up to the event. You are no less than a celeb!

Chocolate Taster

Are you one of those people who can never get enough of chocolates? Well, this is your gig then. If you are a chocoholic, this surely would be your dream career. You do not require a degree; all you need is love for chocolates. You never know, you could be roaming around the world, picking the right ingredients for the perfect recipe of world’s finest chocolates. You can also start your own chocolate making company if you are really into entrepreneurship and business. And then hire more chocolate tasters to help you make the best chocolates in the world.

Professional Cuddler

In today’s time, when people are stressed and frustrated, they are willing to pay for little warmth and cuddle. Professional cuddler is one of the coolest jobs in which cuddlers just soothe their clients’ anxiety with the medium of platonic touch. Obviously, the clothes stay on. Cuddlers can charge extra for spooning, bear-hugging, and tickling. It sounds too good to be true, right? After all, you are getting paid to sleep, easiest way to earn money. Get your jammies and get ready to cuddle.

I guess you would simply love your job if it involves doing any of the above-mentioned tasks. Taking such jobs, you won’t be “working” anymore, you will be really enjoying what you do for a living.

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