Corporate Christmas Gifts That Will Lift The Festival Spirit

As the holiday season draws nearer, the excitement for the celebration increases while the motivation to work decreases. The dreary task of getting up and going to work slowly starts becoming a nightmare as everyone is in the mood to shop and celebrate. Your employees have worked tirelessly all year and they need to be pampered because tis’ is the season for it. Corporate Christmas gifts is the best way to let your employees know that you care for them.

We know it can be very difficult to come up with something that your employees will love and so we help you save your time by creating a list. We are sure you will be able to find an ideal gift to let your employees know that you care.

The List of Corporate Christmas Gifts

The Green Effect

Working is serious business. But you don’t need be serious all the time. Employees need to be provided with things that could perk them up. A customized Bobble-head is one way to go about it. Superhero bobble-heads have been there for quite some time now. So what the office could do is gift every employee their personalized Bobble-head. Little things like these help employees lighten their mood and it also acts like a good show-piece for their desk.

Along with a bobble-head, a small desk plant can also be gifted. Watching plants (nature) helps us calm down. According to a study carried out, plants are good for health. The presence of plants in the office helps reduce headaches, fatigue, stress, etcetera. The research also shows how plants fight dry throats, coughs and dry skin as well. Apart from a piece of decoration, it also works in order toextract better productivity.

Corporate Christmas gifts

Plants are good for employees’ health

No Noise. Just Good Voice.

Lunch breaks are the most important time of the day. They are also most looked-forward-to by all employees. Why not make their free time the best time? It is believed a good break helps getting better output. During lunch breaks, a lot of people resort to good music or some videos to get refreshed.

Workplaces can strive towards helping them enhance the experience by providing them noise cancellation headphones or earphones. When workers enjoy their break time they come back to work feeling rejuvenated and charged. Plus, nothing speaks of keeping with the times than a good pair of headphones or earphones. As stated in a study, listening to music helps employees become more cooperative, productive and also work hard.

No Noise. Just Good Voice.

Listening to music and help employees become more cooperative.

Spa(re) your workers

Nothing sets the holiday season in motion than a good relaxing massage. After all the work your employees have put in this year, reward them with a good soother for their nerves. Spa gift cards could also include their spouses or a family member, so that they can enjoy together.

Working for long hours before the holiday season can be tiring for the employees. A good rubbing and kneading of the muscles can help your employee come more energized the next year. A good pampering can help the office environment put in extra efforts to deserve it. Sitting for long hours in the office can result in stiffening of backs. Your hard working employees as well as the hardly working employees, all deserve a good spa treatment after a long and tiring year.

Pamper with a Fine Hamper

A Christmas is never complete without wines and sweets. And no mornings are perfect sans the perfect cup of coffee. The staff in your office has been putting in a lot of efforts and a good stress buster is the best gift to give those over-worked nerves. A good wine goes a long way in bringing a smile to not only your employees but also their loved ones. A good cake is something that no one can ever say no to. The cake could be more in sync with the season. The best way to go about it would be to include a Rum and Plum cake in the Hamper.

To pamper your workers, you can add a little more to the hamper. A good start to the morning results in a good day which helps you work better. Help them start their morning with the perfect cup of coffee by providing the best coffee powder/beans. And how could you help them by providing a good evening’s rest? Your last item in the hamper could be Cocoa powder. A warm hot cocoa at night is the best way to relieve all the stress and slip into a good night’s rest.

corporate christmas gifts 1

To pamper your workers, you can gift them a hamper

Do your Bit, Keep those Employees Fit.

A fit person is a greater asset to the company than one who keeps falling ill. Healthy competition at work is good but for that you also need to have your employees’ health in good form. Many corporate companies keep a check on their employees’ routines and also see to it that they keep themselves agile constantly.

This brings us to suggest that you could gift your employees a Fitbit. Results show that employees that sport a fitbit, work with more enthusiasm and put forth more creativity. Health is wealth and a healthy worker will bring more wealth to your company. Fitbit is considered as one of the best gifts that employees can be given.

corporate christmas gifts 2

Employees that sport a fitbit work with more enthusiasm.

Work in, Work-out!

Exercising is important to not only live a healthy life but also to work productively. We know it is not possible to push the chairs and tables aside at your workplace, and start exercising. Also, it is not convenient to gift your employees dumbbells and weights. Thus this new invention is the best way to get your staff into being fit.

There are quite a few exercises that make use of water bottles. The drawback is that they tend to slip, fall, and break. So then why not give a dumbbell shaped water-bottle. This new piece of art is the perfect gift for your employees. Keeping fit and hydrated goes a long way in improving and increasing the output. So while your worker feels a little tired and dreary with work, s/he can start their small exercises with the bottles at their desk.

Spoilt with Choice

Who does not love coupons? It’s the best gift to ever give anyone. Know why? You no longer have to feel bad whether they will like it or not. The employees have the liberty to choose whatever they want. An expensive gift coupon works just fine. Imagine the number of things they could buy? When you gift something definite, chances are that the person might already have it or they may not need it. A coupon is the safest bet because you give them a variety of options which are otherwise not only limited but second to none.

Another good option is to gift restaurant coupons. Christmas bookings are done months in advance and many families would like to go out to fine dining places. The reason they are not able to go ahead with those plans is because of the steep menu prices. A good discount will help them enjoy some good quality dinner and time with their loved ones.

Cover for the Weather

Christmas is cold, Christmas is snowy and during Christmas everyone likes to get new stuff. You could help them tick off one thing from their ‘to-buy’ list. A smart jacket or a windcheater is the best buy for your staff. They could be made interesting by getting the employees desk numbers and names printed on the back.

What you wear helps you with your mood. So perk those moods of your workers by giving them a smart jacket or a windcheater to wear. Similarly, you could also provide coats to be worn on formals so that on particular days everyone can come matching in black suits.

corporate christmas gifts 4

Jackets could be made interesting by getting employees’ desk numbers and names added on it.

Grill and Chill

If you want to appreciate your employees’ efforts and don’t mind going the extra mile we suggest you gift them a wonderful outdoor grilling kit. Family, grilled meat, and Christmas carols is something that is so pleasing to think of. While everyone may not be able to afford a griller because they are huge, you could gift them a small portable griller which could fit on a table or even on two tiles. This gift is the perfect way to let your employees know that they deserve a good holiday season and that you are there to help them make their celebrations a lot easier.

corporate christmas gift 5

This gift is the perfect way to let your employees know that they deserve a good holiday season.

With these listings we hope you find the perfect corporate Christmas gift for your staff so that they come back next year being more motivated and happy.

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