Dealing With An Office Drama Queen : Deal Her Like A Pro!

Drama queens are all about- ‘drama’, and nothing else. Office drama queens are the typical people in the workplace who nag or complain about anything and everything and who compensate for lack of capability and work policies by creating an emotional uphill of nonsense. 

Drama queen is the passive-aggressive co-worker who creates mini personal attacks repeatedly until the other person engages in a meaningless banter with them in the end. Eve the boss can be a drama queen! The boss would be unhappy about the presentations, reports, and everything and would whine over the slightest of things about a worker. Here are the effective ways to deal with a drama queen in office:

Deal With Office Drama Queen

Avoid the Office Drama Queen’s Behaviour

Drama is plain nonsense, no meaning. The drama queen is trying their best to compensate for something (be it a lack of knowledge about something, lack of skills, poor interpersonal skills, or is just overtly lazy). As you are not responsible for their nonsense, better- avoid them! You are in no way entitled to take off the whims of the drama queen. As such, don’t engage at all. You should be responsible for your work and actions and avoid any drama queen. Enjoy the drama, but don’t indulge! 

Report the Drama Logically and in Public

Drama queens are forever attention seekers in addition to being great distracters in office. The main reason they are creating the drama is to distract the office folk from their professional shortcomings. They need to blame others for covering up their own mistakes and misgivings. The sole reason that drama queens exist and survive in an office is that no one reports their behavior. Everyone is so busy being attendees to them and polite that they forget to inform the regular drama queen. The people are busy forwarding secrete emails as well as gossiping about everyone behind the backs.

If you want to wash off the drama queen behavior thoroughly, identify the drama queen and report it in a public meeting. Point out their act and enquire about their negativity towards everyone. Enquire their opinion about their opinions and to clear out about the previous drama queen outbursts. And after that, enjoy the scene! A public calling is the worst nightmare of the drama queen.

Don’t Enjoy the Drama

Drama is entertaining, that’s the bitter truth, and a part of you enjoys it! If you are tired and hated show, you would never have talked about or laughed at the person. Drama is addicting, and drama queens are too! A small response even validates and gives fire to the drama. It would be best if you never fed the drama, or give it any attention. And no, you should never enjoy the drama queen’s drama!

Never turn into a Drama Queen

Behind a drama queen lies a victim mentality. If a person wants to succeed in a career, they should never think about being a victim in their life. They should think of leadership, positivity, and productiveness at work. Everyone is a victim to something, but that doesn’t mean each person should develop a victim mentality. The ones who end up being a victim is always a cribbing, cranky, and annoying person. They become selfish and leads a sense of entitlement in the workplace.

None can control everything in an office, but they can control how they work and how they choose to be productive at the workplace. One shouldn’t turn into a victim nor develop a victim mentality. And most importantly, never be a drama queen in office, nor do you encourage or give feed to one!

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