Despite High Literacy Rate, Problems Recruiters Face are Increasing

Unemployment has been a challenge in almost all the countries of the world at some point or the other. In the presence of unemployment, one expects the employers to receive an abundant supply of deserving candidates. But this is not the case these days. Despite the increase in the literacy rate and better professional skills, companies are finding it difficult to recruit efficient employees. Due to the lack of skilled workers, there is a number of problems recruiters face which consume months of headhunting.

At such times, employers blame low quality of candidates for the recruitment challenges they face. They assume that the pattern of education candidates received was not right or they were not taught the essential skills properly. It is also assumed that due to immigration issues, companies are unable to attain highly-skilled employees from around the world. But simply blaming other factors will not curb the problem of finding efficient employees. One of the possible reasons is assumed that the supply of qualified candidates is increasing day by day. Due to this, the employers have become extremely particular about whom they recruit. Due to the easy availability of qualified employees in almost all fields, the recruiters want to make the best of the workforce available.

Recruiters Face Issues Despite Literacy Rate

Especially when millennials are carving a niche in the professional world, companies are open to recruiting a young workforce as they are energetic and innovative in their approach. At the same time, the employers expect the candidates to have some experience in the given field. This is a contradictory expectation because if each employee should have experience, then nobody will get an opportunity to work.

Problems recruiters face

Recruiters are facing problems in finding an ideal employee.

How to deal with problems recruiters face

To deal with the problems recruiters face, it is important for the employers to realize that it is almost impossible to expect an ideal candidate for a certain job position. Instead, the recruiter should pick a candidate who has the necessary qualifications and shows an inclination towards learning the essential skills for the job. By doing so, the company can shape the individual with reference to its expectations and also receive dedication. This can be possible with an individual who is hard working and is open to learning new things. Therefore instead of searching for a candidate with the right combination of skills, the recruiter can make sure that a deserving candidate inculcates those skills with some basic training.

A number of the employers have a common complaint; they believe that there is a shortage of skills among candidates. Because of this drawback, they are not eligible enough. But it can also be the case that the problems recruiters face are due to the low wages they offer to the candidate. An eligible and highly skilled candidate will not agree to work for a company if the salary does not impress him. Hence the company has to do with a candidate who is not as qualified as the other one.

The most justified way to deal with this problem is to pay a deserving candidate almost as much as his expectations. By compromising on the pay scale, the candidate might join the company as he needs the job. But he will not work wholeheartedly. Also, every company must have a proper training program. This is to make sure that the candidate is well aware of how does he have to work.

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