Ditch the Cliché Office Party by Throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. The popularity of this holiday is in terms of its enthusiastic approach as well as cultural significance. One does not only celebrate Christmas with his family but also shares the joy of the festival in his workplace. It is common practice to throw a Christmas party in office to help the employees bond with each other and encourage a friendly atmosphere. But celebrating Christmas in a fun and unique manner will increase the appeal of an office party. To start with, an ugly Christmas sweater party is not a bad idea.

Though the theme of the party sounds peculiar, the ugly sweater trend is growing in terms of its popularity. There are a number of e-commerce websites like Skedouche, MyUglyChristmasSweater, UglyChritmasSweater, TipsyElves, ButtUglySweaters, etc., which sell a varied assortment of such sweaters. One would wonder that nobody would spend money on an ugly sweater. Surprisingly, all these websites earn impressive revenue in the holiday season. Therefore by incorporating this theme for the office Christmas party, it will intrigue the employees and add a fun factor to it.

How to host an ugly Christmas sweater party

In order to inculcate the ugly sweater trend for an office Christmas party, it is important to plan the entire party around the given theme. This theme does not just concern the dress code of the employees. Right from the decorations to the invitations to the food, everything has to match with the theme of the party. Firstly, the decorations should depict the theme of the party one is referring to. Instead of simply sending an email to the employees and inviting them for the same, a quirky invitation can be put up in the office which gives a hint of the ugly sweater trend. This will arouse the interest of the employees and will increase their excitement towards it.

While deciding upon the dishes at such a party, the organizer must make sure that they are presented in an attractive manner. Having gingerbread cookies, cupcakes decorated in the form of a snowman, a cake in the shape of a Christmas tree, are some of the ideas which can be implemented. On the other hand, one should ditch the typical decorations put up during Christmas. For this, the employees can use their creative side and decorate different parts of the office with leftover decorative pieces. By doing so, one can use the decorative pieces in an innovative manner and create something new from it. This will ensure involvement of all the employees in the celebration.


The Ugly Christmas Sweater is a popular trend nowadays.
Credits: Tipsy Elves

Dress code for this office Christmas party

Nowadays, the ugly sweater trend is useful for marketing purposes as well. But for the purpose of an office Christmas party, the organizer must discourage purchasing ready-made sweaters. This is because not everyone can splurge money on a sweater. It is impractical to do so as it’s useful only for a single day as one can’t wear it regularly. Another reason is that if everyone buys such a sweater, then there will be no difference between an ordinary dress theme and the ugly sweater one.

To avoid this, the HR of the office must encourage all the employees to create their own ugly sweaters. One can do so by using an old sweater as the base and decorating it with the Christmas theme in mind. Such a concept will make this trend fun-filled and will give everyone a chance to show their creativity in the workplace. Also, during the party, the employees will enjoy observing sweaters with varied creative art on them. This will provide a topic of conversation for everyone. Therefore an ugly Christmas sweater party will help the employees build a friendly rapport among themselves.


Many e-commerce websites earn impressive revenues through this trend.
Credits: Tipsy Elves

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