Do You Have This Wardrobe for Boss Essentials?

No matter what kind of office environment you have, be it casual or traditional, a working wardrobe for boss is extremely essential. A female boss in today’s times needs to show where she stands. She has to portray herself as someone who will not be taken for a ride by the people around her, be they her employees, the directors or her customers/clients. Apart from having a slightly (but not too) bossy an attitude, another way of making one’s presence felt and seen, is by wearing the right things at work. Dress in clothes that show a sense of dominance, and more importantly, “Dress to Impress” must needs be one’s motto. Also, remember that good stylish clothes alone are sufficient, but, if you wear add-ons and accessories they must match and look elegant at the same time. So if it’s one word you are looking for to dress as a boss it’s ‘Elegance’. Lastly, mixing with the other ladies within the office premises is avoidable. Thus, one must both, dress and behave, with poise and elegance.

5 Wardrobe for Boss Essentials

1. Great Blazer (long or cropped, black or white- doesn’t matter)

Wardrobe for Boss Essentials

Every boss dons a blazer or coat. What you need to perhaps keep in mind is how to make the blazer look loud and boss-like and elegant. And for that, you may have to see what kind of patterns suit you. In order to attract proper attention, a boss’s blazer should not be of a monotonous color. Tweeds, velvet or even stripes speak for style. Apart from that, zippers, big bright buttons, sharp collars with bold colors also do the trick. Keeping a blazer or a coat with you at all times, comes in handy especially when you never know whom you may bump into or get called for asap!

2. Comfortable shoes

Comfortable Shoes for Boss

A good pair of pumps are always a ‘Show-stealer’, especially when you want to let others know that you are the boss! But, apart from that, it is always good to have another pair that’s handy and comfortable, especially since those pumps can ‘pump out the life from your feet’. High heels are not an ideal companion for long working hours, and may even play havoc with your spine in the long run. Instead, loafers or bellies are more than comfortable. You could play a little here. Go for colors and designs of your choice, but please bear in mind that the shoes should not be too loud or over-power your persona. Imagine a man in black suit and white shoes! Such a combination is a big no no, especially for a boss.

3. A good Leather Bag/Purse

A good Leather Bag/Purse

With all the work-load you carry on your shoulders, you must always have a good leather purse handy to keep all your essentials. A good investment, is a leather purse that’s not only spacious enough to carry what you must, but also be stylish and trendy. If you are someone like me, who hates to hold things in your hands then a good backpack may do the trick. In short, a good bag lets you off hands-free and helps one carry more things. Go with patterns, textures and styles that define you. Beige and other light colors put you across as someone who is mature and wise. Whereas bold colors like red, orange, yellow, etc. show the strong image you hold in your office. But always remember that what you carry must match and go with what you wear as that in its totality defines you.

4. Tailored Suit

Tailored Suit

Blazers and coats are something that you can put on at the last minute. A suit is something that should only be taken out on defining occasions for your company. Everyone in your office will take you seriously even if you don’t wear suits every day. A suit is a must when you attend meetings with big clients. A well-stitched suit sends across a powerful message that your focus is on nothing else but business. What you can do is play a little with the design. Metallic shades are something that’s doing the rounds. Apart from that, one could also go for striped or even check suits.

5. Elegant accessories

Elegant accessories

Never, and I mean NEVER ever leave your house without a pair of ‘elegant’ earrings and a good smart watch.  These two are an absolute must. Go for earrings that look dainty, and not something chunky. The latter are perhaps fine occasionally, especially when no big meetings are to be attended to. But if you have to be somewhere important, then go for either gold, diamond-studded or even better, pearls. Pearls and platinum define class! Your hands too must never be empty. Go for a metallic watch with a dial that’s not too small. Bigger dials show that you always work by the clock. If you like leather belts for your watch, then instead of going for a black one, brown shades look professional as well, but definitely not light-coloured shades. If one is in the habit of wearing bracelets one must ensure that they are singular and classy! Plus, try not leaving for work with a naked neck. A chain or a necklace with a classy pendant works wonders as well. In short, always put in an effort to look different and yet elegant, to mean business.

Keep these few hacks up your sleeve and in no time, you’ll be creating your own new trend that your colleagues will envy of. As I said, it’s good to keep up with the trends and yet be bold at the same time.

Retain your poise and elegance for you, madam, now run the entire show. Take a bow!

Diana Coker
Diana Coker is a staff writer at The HR Digest, based in New York. She also reports for brands like Technowize. Diana covers HR news, corporate culture, employee benefits, compensation, and leadership. She loves writing HR success stories of individuals who inspire the world. She’s keen on political science and entertains her readers by covering usual workplace tactics.

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