Don’t Avoid Hiring a Fired Employee


Hiring someone who might be a perfect fit for the vacant job position is really tough. To make it a bit simpler, hiring managers have set some “rules” when filling a vacant position. And according to these rules, hiring a fired employee is a total no-no.

Employers think that only bad employees are fired and remain unemployed while it can be the other way around. Hiring managers fail to consider other factors that could be the reason behind the unemployment of a potential candidate.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be hiring a fired employee:

Rotten Managers

At some point in time, everyone has to deal with a bad boss. You might have heard plenty of torture stories from your friends and colleagues about how their managers make them suffer by making unreasonably high demands, being partial, discriminating on the basis of religion or beliefs, not paying for overtime, and by playing favorites. It is not necessary that every fired employee was bad at their work; some of them were fired just because of their rotten managers. Employers should not reject someone just because they had an awful manager.

Job was not a good fit

Sometimes, the person might not be as good at some job, but that doesn’t mean that he will be bad at all the jobs. It is really bizarre when people expect everyone to have a flawless career path. After all they are humans, and humans make mistakes. Or maybe the person was not a cultural fit in the previous organization, which made his manager fire him. But, that doesn’t make him a dire employee for your organizational culture. The culture of every organization is different, you never know if that person may prove to be a perfect fit for your company.

They might have learned from their experience

The reality is people mess up and chances are some people got fired because they screwed up. But, people also learn from their mistakes. People who have made mistakes in the past are more likely to jump in and give their best. If you hire someone who was once fired, they will make sure that they don’t mess up anything, which is good for your company.

Anna Verasai
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