Don’t Be The Fool, Burping At Work is Not Cool

Isn’t it annoying when you are working on some important project and your colleague belches loudly? Or imagine if your co-worker broadcasts his royal feast right in the middle of an important meeting you are heading. Or worse, what if your boss is talking to you and you are unable to control your food proclaiming its existence right in his/her face? Burping at work is not only disgusting and distasteful but also distracts you from whatever you are working on.

Your workplace is a highly formal and professional place. You could even call it a Church, if required. There are things you don’t say and do in a place of worship. Similarly one must avoid doing a few things at work. The ‘not-to-do-things-at-your-workplace’ list is quite long. But the burping issue is one of the things that top the list. Yet there are employers and employees (no discrimination) who don’t take the ‘burping at work’ issue seriously.

Burping at work

Belching audibly is not acceptable at formal places.

A lot of business organizations provide handbooks to their employees about the policies and rules of the office. Even if not mentioned, it is understood that belching audibly is not socially acceptable. Your boss expects you to at least be civilised enough to conduct yourself with grace and dignity. So s/he may not brief you about office etiquettes. Burping strips you of all the decorum that you so haughtily present.

Burping at work is a minor offense

We all know the effect of a good lunch. Especially when it’s a 9 to 5 job that requires sitting in one place. The cold air conditioned environment works on your appetite and gets you hogging your food, which is completely fine. But the after-effects of your digested food need not proclaim itself so boldly. You may find it humorous but it is highly offensive and unsanitary.

Belching at work is considered as a minor offense. The ‘burper’ is also likely to receive a trivial form of discipline such as a verbal warning. If your colleague happens to burp on very few occasions then leave the matter be. But if s/he is doing it regularly or to annoy someone, it is essential you bring it to the light of the HR.

Titbits to do your bit

If you have issues regarding burping at work then it is advisable to excuse yourself and go to the washroom or the corridor where no one hears you. You don’t want people to brand you by those actions. Avoid stuffing your tummy with food, especially excessively spicy food, in large quantities. We all know how our parents emphasized on chewing our food 32 times. Eating fast too results in belching. Never make the mistake of not eating at all because that too affects your system and makes you burp. Consumption of carbonated drinks also makes people burp.

Titbits to do your bit

Avoid stuffing your tummy with a excessive food. It results in belching.

So the next time you hear your coworker burping, see to it that the issue is resolved. Belching at work does not reflect well on the office. And if you ever have belching issues, try to track down why it is happening. See to it if there is anything you could do to avoid it as such behaviour also speaks ill about you. Hence take the ‘burping at work’ issue seriously and work on it.

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