Don’t want to be a Part of Office Politics and Keep it Simple with Peers?

The office is a combination of different sets of people with varying mind frame, productivity, task efficiency, and work engagement. Every individual works and thinks differently. The main objective of people working in an office is to always work hard and boost the productivity of organization they are working for, and to raise their own position bar amongst their peers in terms of rewards like promotions, bonus, etc. Having said this, let us not forgot the amount of politics that happens in office despite the positivity and healthy professional balance between peers. Office politics can be highly annoying; no one likes dealing with it. But, there are people who enjoy it extremely. Even if you are a person who just likes paddling their own canoe, you cannot manage to stay unaffected by it, and keeping quiet won’t prove handy for your career and you. Although, it is a common belief that it is bad for the organization, they remain to be a fundamental part of office culture at every position, be it trainee, manager, or CEO.

172H (1)Observe the Environment and Study the Surroundings

Be a keen observer; observe how things are used to get done at your workplace. Learn about your peers need and aspirations, which is personal and career efficiencies, so you can help them out at a certain level of time when it comes. Plan your own needs. Learn about the core values and the way they are legislated. Learn about decisions and needs. Study your surroundings and the ways your peers use to interact, that will answer many questions and will help you avoid political circumstances. It is like, “sitting with them but not being a part of it”

Focus on your Goal.

Even though as many times as it takes, remind yourself to focus on your aim. You must not engage yourself in office politics to be a part of “that genre of people” or for fun purpose. Your prime focus must always be on work accomplishment and successful career. Manipulating, Gossiping, and Backstabbing are never required to carve your niche in the office. Draft a strategic approach and maintain it for sorting out the atmosphere in the workplace.

Be honest and true to yourself.

If you feel it isn’t worth, move on. Not usually, but there are organizations that actually promote and pamper unethical, dishonest, and ruthless manners. In these kinds of situations, there’s no worth hovering around it, better you start concentrating on your work through hard efforts and willpower. You must not ever get involved in office politics fueled by revenge, jealousy, intimidation, or fears. The stuff, which conflict with your beliefs and moral values, shouldn’t be taken into consideration by you ever.

Winding it up

Working professionals tend to steer clear of this, but it can prove an ace for you because apart from being negative, it demonstrates the art and power of influencing people in the company. You need to be a great observer to handle such politics. Even experts suggest, sometimes involving yourself in a little game can prove beneficial for you; by avoiding it, you could be probably left out of the loop by people underestimating your talents. One must always AVOID being part of it, but never IGNORE it. It has become a part of office life, so it won’t fade away, but it depends upon you how you take it in a positive way and learn from it in order to thrive in your job. Play it smart and keep it simple, that’s the idea.

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