Dream Jobs for People Who LOVE to Travel

Jobs for people who love to travel do exist. From vlogging and photography to working with Peace Corps, these wanderlust jobs will get you to see places in the world most people can only dream of seeing…

If you are hit by the wander bug then there are many options available now to fulfill your desire of conquering the world with your footsteps. Earlier, the options were limited; one became an airline employee like an air steward, hostess or pilot; or you worked your way through your travels mostly waitressing, nannying, fruit picking, etc. where you could; or saved up enough to travel on a budget; or your parents funded you.

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But now, the world is your oyster and you can travel, and make a comfortable living while doing so. So what are these travel jobs that keep you in comfort and give you a window seat to the world?

Dream Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

There are many jobs for people who want to cure the wander bug by incorporating travel into their everyday life. Not to mention, these wanderlust jobs come with a slew of otherworldly benefits. For instance, travel and work together teach us to unplug, explore and discover a whole new part of ourselves. With most traditional jobs, that’s impossible to do. So if you want to get paid to travel rather than the other way around, check out these jobs for people who love to travel.


jobs for people who love to travel

Average annual salary: $30,000

The most common way to earn and travel is by becoming travel vloggers and bloggers. If you are tech-savvy, that means a good social media marketer, and content producer in terms of documenting written and visual content, then garnering followers is not difficult.

Once you start publishing the same vlogs and blogs on social media platforms and achieve a certain number of followers and subscribers, it becomes a paying proposition.

You can also bargain with airlines, hotels, unique destinations, restaurants, etc. to give you free or discounted access in return for instant reach to your 1000s or in some cases millions of subscribers.


dream jobs for people who love to travel

Average annual salary: $50,000

If you think teaching is your thing, then you can become an English teacher in countries where people are eager to learn this language.

This is a rewarding travel job and will allow you to interact and engage with diverse people and even make a difference in their lives.

There are many countries like China, Eastern Europe countries, and the Middle East that are looking for such professionals. There are certain certificates that you can collect on the way that would add to your professional standing.


dream jobs for you

Average annual salary: $62,000

If you are a linguist and can speak more than 2-3 languages, a tour guide or a traveling translator are well-paying travel jobs.

This is a great opportunity for people who love to travel and have good social skills and are enthusiastic about knowing about different cultures and people.


dream jobs for fun lovers

Average annual salary: $40,000

It is a job similar to working as a flight attendant but the jobs can be more diverse and varied. You can join as an entertainer, sports trainer or instructor. Or become a professional seafarer.

Medical personnel, nannies, chefs, cleaning crew —the options are endless. The pay is reasonable with free bed and board.


dream jobs as freelancer

Average annual salary: $60,000

If you like traveling and recording unique places and events then this profession is suitable for you. Traveling the world, recording its wonders and different cultures and people can bring you money. But it is hard work to establish yourself as a professional in this field.  You need to liaison with different publications to get assignments or find takers for your work.


dream jobs for caring

Average annual salary: $25,000

If you like children and do not mind doing housework then it is a good way to travel the world, experience different cultures and learn new languages. English-speaking nannies are quite popular as people want their children to be fluent in this language.

This kind of work pays well too.


dream jobs for aid workers

Average annual salary: $33,000

If you are inclined to save the world and are socially and politically committed, joining a non-governmental or charitable international organization can be a good option. You can visit countries where these organizations work in the aftermath of famine, wars and natural disasters.  Peace Corps, USAID, and Red Cross are some of the organizations that you can join. They offer good pay, loan deferment programs and add to your resume.

 There are few things in life that will impact as much as some of these wanderlust jobs will. For people who love to travel find them transformative. You quickly learn to handle most crisis even in the most frustrating moments. Traveling also broadens your perspective and teaches you to live in the moment.

So if you want to travel the world but also need to work, refer one of our Career Guide for more helpful tips and tricks for landing the dream job.

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