Getting a summer internship is one of the most exciting opportunities for a collegian. This is because an internship serves as an initial start to step out into the professional world and proves one’s worth. Furthermore, it is really important to put the best foot forward in the internship as the given company might end up hiring the individual as a permanent employee as well. In order to make this happen, the intern should create a good impression in the workplace. One of the key factors for this is the way in which an intern carries himself. Dressing in a dignified manner is essential as that would reflect one’s professional commitment. It is rightly said that the dress sense of a person reflects his personality. This shows how serious an individual is about his work as well as helps in earning respect from the people around.

Dress wisely

The key point while dressing up for a professional setup is to look decent and respectable. Revealing clothes should be strictly avoided. It is important to remember that even though you’re a collegian, it is not a casual setup hence the clothes meant for college can’t be worn. Your dress sense should give the message to your employer that even though you’re working temporarily, you’re serious about your work. This increases the trust your senior can put on you and will give the signal that you can take up any responsibility. But it is extremely important to remember that wear clothes that reflect your personal style. Don’t just go with the trends blindly if you can’t relate to them.

How to dress up for a corporate office

The ideal dress sense for a workplace varies depending on the field of work. If it is a law firm, a corporate office, or a bank, well-tailored pants with a crisp shirt in pastel colors is preferable. A well-cut skirt with the hemline just above the knees is also suitable for such a place. A male intern can team this shirt with a simple tie to complete the look. A woman can either accessorize it with a simple chain in the neck or a scarf with a mild print. This would help in completing the look without seeming too formal. With such attire, wear proper formal shoes. Proper attire with shabby shoes is a total waste.


Men should make sure their hair is combed properly and not hanging on their forehead. Whereas a woman should either pull the hair back in a sleek ponytail or leave it open by pinning up the fringes off the face. The makeup should be basic just to give a clear look to the face. Try avoiding bright lip colors or dramatic eye liners. The makeup should just give a natural look and shouldn’t look overdone.

What is casual clothing at a workplace

If you’re interning at an office which is on the creative side like a journalism house, ad agency, event management, etc., one has more freedom to explore with fashion. Remember that however liberal the workplace might be, it is still a professional setup. A male intern can wear a pair of jeans with a semi-formal shirt or a presentable t-shirt. A female intern can play with prints at such a place. A printed top with comfortable bright wedges accompanied with jeans will make you stand out in office as well as be casual enough. Summer dresses of proper length with a cropped jacket and strappy sandals will reflect your youth and will indicate how innovative your ideas can be.


Avoid fashion faux-pas at work

Even if you decide to experiment with your footwear, flip flops are a big no-no. They give the impression that you’re careless and shabby. Try to wear shoes which cover your feet entirely, avoid peep-toes as well. Sheer clothing is absolutely unacceptable and in case a shirt or top is translucent, wear a tank top beneath it. The length of the skirt or dress should be always close to the knee. Interns belonging to both the genders must avoid tight clothes. Plunging necklines are never trendy in the workplace even if Cameron Diaz can get off with it. Men should  properly button their shirts.

Complete the look

It is necessary to accessorize any outfit well. A belt worn with any pants gives a complete look to the formal attire. Shoes with proper polishing are essential. A bag which is not too loud but has enough space to accommodate your necessities is preferable. A perfume which is subtle without making people wrinkle their noses is advisable. Jewelry should be minimalistic yet classy. If one follows these guidelines during their summer internship, he will definitely create a lasting impression in his workplace.

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