Dumb company rules have been recognized as the easiest shortcut to demotivate employees –a circumstance that slays productivity. Usually, dumb HR policies are very promising if accessed from the managerial reference frame, but become stupid rules from an unbiased perspective. That’s why it’s imperative to scrutinize new rules deeply as a manager before implementing them. A research from the University of California revealed that 70 percent of employee’s motivation comes from office policies, and motivated employees are 31 percent more productive while also being 87 percent not likely to leave their jobs.

Not imposing dump company rules on employees is an invaluable means of promoting productivity, managing workforce, while also maintaining your talents. Below are some dump HR policies that demoralize employees.

Merging Sick Leave and Vacation

This is one of the stupid rules most offices are still upholding till date, despite deep sensitization on this policy. Forcing your employees to take their vacations because they are sick is the dumbest thing any manager would do. As a manager, would you personally like to have your precious vacation because you are sick? The answer is NO if you want to be sincere. We all plan our vacations and deserve the best moment from it. Offices that merge sick leave and vacation will not only demotivate but encourage their employees to come to work sick, which means low productivity as well as exposing the healthy workers to the sickness if it’s contagious. At the tail end, the sickness goes round to everyone susceptible to it – going round to individuals that would still bring them to the office for more decrease in productivity. If an employee is sick and cannot go home because it would take away his or her vacation, they’ll force themselves to work demotivated.

Banning Social Media

Recognizing social media as a channel for pleasures and distraction is already offensive and deprives your employees of a social life. Freedom to social media like Facebook or LinkedIn can help your employees to gain access to information that would help improve their performances. You can put it that banning social media limits your employee. Even if the employees are not being very professional as you want, getting their job done should be a criterion. Some employees go worst by banning internet use, that’s completely outrageous and a fight to force down productivity. Instead, keep your employee's attention focused but don’t take away the trust.

Crushing self-expression

I still can’t believe that some offices still keep up with this policy. Can employees not display personal belongings on their desk? That’s one of the dumb HR policies that shouldn’t have made it to the 20th century. It’s true that work environments deserve some level of sanity, but at the same time, people deserve to be who they are. This policy creates anxiety at work; it increases stress and renders break times invalid. Allow your employees to create a homey atmosphere. That helps them to be happier at work which improves productivity.

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  1. Beth

    Yes, things like this are so counterproductive! People like autonomy and recognition. It sounds contradictory, but it’s easy if you trust them! Hire people you trust first and foremost.


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