E-mails after Work Hours can Affect an Employee’s Inclination towards Work

At some point in life, any working individual would have felt irritated when he needs to reciprocate to e-mails after work hours. Imagine going home after a long day and instead of catching up on the evening news with your spouse, you are completely engrossed in your smartphone or laptop as you need to keep responding to official e-mails. This can prove to be a real menace and crawls upon the personal life of the individual.

More than one-third employees claim that they receive e-mails from their bosses on weekends or after working hours. But at such a time the question arises that is an employee answerable to official e-mails after work hours?

Emails after Work Hours

A major factor to blame for this constant disturbance is the easy accessibility of the internet and the advent of portable gadgets. Due to devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the employers or team leaders expect individuals to stay connected with them at all times. This practice is unjust to an extent because the employee does not need to report after his working hours as he needs that time for himself.

Also usually when a person has to stay available via e-mail, he is not given special incentives for it. Therefore, asking an employee to be active on the official e-mail when he’s on a holiday or simply relaxing at home is equivalent to encroaching upon his privacy.

E-mails after work hours

E-mails after work hours are a menace for the employees.

E-mails after work hours might disconnect employees

By disturbing employees after work hours, such employers spoil the work-life balance of the employees. It might not be a major issue but it disturbs the everyday routine like doing the laundry or having dinner. This can make the individual irritated. He might not attend office the next day with the same kind of zeal and energy. If he receives e-mails after work hours on a regular basis, gradually he will start losing the will to work.

After Work Hours

This will reflect on his productivity as well. It is essential for an individual to look forward to his day at work instead of dreading it. This assures that he will work with proper dedication and positivity. Inclination towards work plays an important role in boosting the work quality of an employee.

This does not mean that sending e-mails after work hours is absolutely unacceptable. During an urgent situation, the boss can ask his employee to reciprocate via e-mail. But whenever such a situation takes place, the boss must note that the employee worked during his personal time. He must try to compensate or offer incentives to the employee whenever he needs it.

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