Effective Guidelines for an interviewer

InterviwerIt is really challenging for an interviewer to shortlist a candidate for a job profile. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before you pick the most suitable candidate to take up the position. Evaluating a candidate is very crucial, so here are some interview tips to consider before selecting him for a specific role.

Shortlist candidates by evaluating resumes

Once you post the vacancy on job portals or advertisements, you will get plenty of responses for the same. Candidates will respond to you by sending you their details, including their updated resume. After going through all the applications, shortlist those who have a good resume along with good e-mail etiquette. Now, contact the shortlisted candidates through e-mail or telephone and know their availability for further sessions.

Determine the type of interview according to the candidate

Candidates may apply for the job from different locations. So, different type of interview can be conducted keeping convenience in mind. You can choose from different styles of conducting interview which will be suitable to you as well the candidate. Use different interview tips with different styles of interview.

  • Face to face interview
  • Telephonic interview
  • Video interview
  • Group interview

Build rapport

Greet the interviewee with a smile and a firm handshake while offering him a seat. Outline the selection process and objectives before explaining the job roles and responsibilities. Ask some questions that focus on the person and do not jump directly to the subject.

Ask some open-ended questions

Open-ended questions will help you gather more information about the candidate and sometimes you can come to know some important or interesting aspects. You can also verify some specific information from his resume. Open-ended questions include “How”, “What”, “When” to get a narrative response from the candidate. As an interviewer you can get a wider picture about the applicant by using this technique and shortlist accordingly.

Make notes

While conducting the interview, note down candidate’s comments, opinions and reactions. But make sure that the candidate is not able to read your notations. After the session, these notes will help you select better candidates.

Give detailed description of the company as well as the offered position

After getting the answers to basic interview questions, explain the job responsibilities and company profile in detail. Also involve information regarding career growth, working environment and other employee benefits. Thereafter you can close the interview by thanking the interviewee and indicating the next step within specific time frame.

Shortlist the candidate who qualify in certain factors

Evaluation of the candidate can be done by making a checklist of qualifying factors and etiquettes. Here are some factors to involve in your checklist.

  • Confidence
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Team Spirit
  • Punctuality and Time management
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Dedication

Schedule further round of interview

Inform the qualifying candidates about their selection and schedule further round of interview accordingly. If the candidate has cleared all the rounds, let him know about the joining formalities and procedure. You can also explain the payment structure and other details to selected candidates.

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