Embrace Happiness To Avoid Negative People

Your workplace roofs various kinds of people. Not everyone will think, behave and respond in the same way as you do. Now you might be a very chirpy or a bubbly person, you might even be a reserved person who keeps to oneself. And it does not matter what kind of a person you are, but there is one thing that repels everyone. Those, my dear readers, are negative people. It might get difficult to avoid negative people at work because of their comments but you shouldn’t give up.

S/he will be the first one to comment that the project is going to fail. Or be the one who will make you feel guilty of eating good junk food. S/he could even be the one who forecasts that your holidays are going to be bad. Not to forget the ‘Friday-the-13th’ kind of people who will not let you do things before checking the date and time. Admit it, either we have such people around us or we are one of those people. For those who belong to the latter category, please stop with “I gotta a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a bad night”. For those who are surrounded by such people, there is still hope for you chaps.

How to Avoid Negative People?

Negativity can work on our minds after being exposed to it for a long time. You might get annoyed or disheartened from what you hear. These people have special powers of bringing down the entire energy level of the office, singlehandedly. Now you don’t need to fear them and run away from them. You need to stay strong and just follow some healthy tips to remain guarded and shielded from such nasty numbers.

avoid negative people

Don’t give up just because Mr. ‘Bad News’ ruins your day. Stay strong!

Stay strong.

Never get carried away by such negative noobs. Assuming that they say something like your holidays may not be accepted, don’t overthink much. This would otherwise mean that you have lost the war. You must never let anyone have such an effect. Be strong enough to never let anyone play with your mind. It can be very dangerous and you need not let people know about such vulnerabilities. You can kindly request them to not say negative things or then learn the art of listening from one ear and removing it from the other. That’s the best thing to do. Let it only reach your ears, not your mind. Hear them loud and clear, just don’t listen to them. With such an attitude you can be sure that no one can ever mess with your brains.

Fight Song.

The minute you realise there is a negative comment on its way, start humming a tune and bobbing your head. It needs to be a happy tune. It’s okay to be oblivious of what s/he is spitting. If they ask you something in return about your thoughts, tell them gently that you don’t feel like commenting on anything. In order to avoid negative people, you don’t need to pass any sarcastic remarks because you may not know how it would be received. You could also thank them for making all scenarios clear and part ways.

avoiding negative people

Fight that bite to avoid nasty people!

Take it positively!

While working on an assignment and Mr/Ms. ‘Bad News’ making an entrance saying it won’t work, then take it in the right sense. Do the task of checking for loopholes and cross referencing. Make a list of all possible goof-ups that could take place. Get a fool-proof check and then do the honours of throwing you conclusions on their face telling them that you have double-checked and nothing could go wrong.

We understand it is difficult to avoid negative people. If you are not the only one being affected by it then collectively go to your HR and let them know how your work is being affected and your spirits are dampened. Always keep one thing in mind. The minute you start taking in their negativity you will turn out to be just like them. And you know you don’t want to be that person. So learn to get past it. Embrace happiness and good thoughts to keep those nasty negatives far from ruining your day.

Anna Verasai
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