Employee Benefits that you should be providing to your employees

Employee Benefits It is a difficult choice for employers, either to provide juicy employee benefits and abstain from profits, or cut back costs and lose the best employees. Fortunately, today’s employees don’t ask for more but only expect the basic employee benefits. Here we have listed some of the benefits that you should be offering to your employees to prevent them from switching jobs.

Here are five benefits that employees wish their employers would provide:

Freedom to enjoy vacation time without guilt

The majority of employees are not able to enjoy their vacation time, either because they are not approved by the higher authority or has a workplace culture that signals that they will be considered good-for-nothing if they take the time off. Such culture will degrade employees’ motivation and will make them feel that the vacation list provided when they were hired was just a delusion. Employees require some time off from the hectic work schedule and expecting them to work during vacation or holidays will only hinder productivity.

Sick time without having to submit proof of illness

A lot of companies expect the employees to prove that they’re sick by submitting doctor’s note. Companies need to treat their employees as adults and should trust them with such matters. Many employees have to go to the hospital even when they are suffering from a normal cold, just to obtain a doctor’s note. This also increases health cost for employees as they need to visit a doctor even when their illness can be cured with some rest or some general medicines. Sometimes, it also makes employees attend work even when they are sick so that they do not require a proof of their illness.

Flexible work schedules

At times, there are employees who would choose flexibility over anything when taking a job. Nowadays, many companies are providing flexible work hours instead of a traditional schedule of 9-to-5. Companies should allow their employees to work from 7-to-3 or other suitable time so that they have a work-life balance and can give enough time to their family. If possible, companies should also allow employees to work from home if they require staying at home for some reason. Such flexibility will result in increased employee engagement and loyalty.

Better management

Bad management can play a major role in driving away employees. Certain management behaviour like yelling, not resolving serious issues, or creating a fearful environment will surely be the top concern of employees in switching jobs. Good management will address employee’s problems and directly influence job satisfaction. Even if employees like their job profile and the company, due to poor management he/she will eventually search for something else.

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