Employee contract template for professional hiring

A quality employee contract template is designed to make formal hiring process. The template is necessary if you want to hire a new employee and this template will make the process much easier. 

An employee contract template must contain certain information that is relevant for both the company and the employee. This information is presented below. 

employee contract template for formal hiring

Tip: State the freedom of an employer to change the paid time off regulations.

Employee Contract Template

Employment Contract 

This contract made on (the day and month) in (the year of making the contract), is made between (the company) and (the employee) in (the city and state). 

This agreement is made between the mentioned two parties and it is governed by the laws of (the state). The parties agree on the following terms and conditions.

1. Employment 

The company’s goals and conditions will be set for the employee to comply with the regulations and rules of the company. The employee will faithfully contribute to the company’s rules and procedures at all times, and the employee will carry out the duties communicated by the employer. 

2. Position 

It is the duty of an employee to perform all responsibilities as a (job title). These responsibilities include all the regular duties and all the additional duties that will be set by the employer. 

3. Payment 

The employee will be paid a wage of (the amount) per hour for the job duties the employee does within the company. The annual performance review will affect the wage and the employee will have an opportunity to increase the payment if the performance is positive. All bonuses and deductions will be a subject of performance reviews. There are also mandatory payment deductions for Social Security, State and Federal Taxes, and Medicare.

4. Probationary Period

Both employer and employee understand that the probationary period will be (the number of days). During this period, some benefits like paid time off are not part of the contract. During the probationary period, the employer can terminate the contract without previous notice. 

5. Paid Time Off

The employee will be eligible for the paid time off during the vacation time that can last for (the number of days). There are also sick days that can last for (the number of days). 

Employee Contract Template Additions 

In addition to the mentioned points, you can state the freedom of an employer to change the paid time off regulations and these regulations are the subject of the decision by the employer.

You can also mention confidentiality that must be obtained by both parties. An employee must not be working for the competitor or any other company that is in the same business. If such activity is found, it could lead to the termination of the existing contract. 

There is a great chance that you will find the jurisdiction information in the employee contract. This information speaks about the governance of the specific state where the contract is made. 

The legal authorization will be required for an employee to work in a specific state, and this is something to obtain before signing the contract. An employee will have to show the legal documentation that proves the legal authorization to work in the exact state. 


As you can see, an employee contract template has all of the meaningful details that will be important for future working assignments. If there are additional pieces of information that should be added, you can always add them to the template. This way, you will make the template even more personalized and more effective for the exact company. 

Make your own employee contract template and see how your employees get the contract they cannot refuse. It will be a template that speaks about all the relevant business aspects. 

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