Employee Review Templates to Boost Employee Confidence

We all know how important the performance of an employee is. It is crucial to know what the strong points are in each person, and we also need to know the weak characteristics. For bosses to know better, they need to create a meaningful employee review template that will serve its purpose. 

It must be a review that answers the main questions about the employee and this is why the proper template can help you create an effective overview of the employee at the exact company. 

In the text below, we present you with an employee review template that can serve you well in professional ventures. 

how to write an employee review template

Creating an employee review template gives an organization access to effortless performance and productivity.

Employee Review Template

Employee Information 

Employee Name:


Review Period: 

Date of Review:

Demonstration of Core Values:

Ability to Accomplish Responsibilities: 

Goal Achievements:

Suggested Areas of Improvement:

Additional Comments:

Performance reviewed by: (Reviewer name and position at the company)

The Importance of the Employee Review

The importance of the employee review is significant. The boss or the reviewer can find out a lot of information about an employee from the employee review, and this is why this kind of feedback is very important for the company. 

In the template above, you can see many important points that speak about employee performance

The overall demonstration of core values is the segment where a reviewer can get information about the values that are significant for the company. These values can be a dedication to everyday duties and persistence in delivering a quality approach at work. 

On the other hand, we have the ability to accomplish responsibilities. In this section, we describe the employee’s responsiveness to action when it comes to regular responsibilities. Each employee uniquely approaches the duties and this is something that cannot be taken for granted. 

Goal achievements is another section that speaks about the employee’s readiness to achieve the goals that are unique when it comes to the company’s aspirations. The company certainly has goals and values that must be respected, and an employee should achieve these goals on a daily level. 

Suggested areas of improvement is a segment where both reviewer and employee can agree on the same matters. In the conversation, they can come to a common solution. There are always areas for improvement, and this is something to discuss with each employee. 

Additional comments are reserved for the comments about the employee’s performance in the daily work. In this section, a reviewer can mention the important notes about the worker’s performance at the job. Here, you can also mention the skills that can be improved in the work. 

How to Write an Employee Review Template

The presented employee review template is only one kind of template that you can use to review the performance of the employee

There are other templates that you can find online and offline, and all of those templates can be applied to your company if they are good pieces. 

If you want to be more focused on the company goals, you can add additional sections that describe the goals in a more precise manner. For example, you may be leading a marketing company that has a few employees who are employed as marketing consultants. 

In this case, you will need to add the sections to your employee review template. In these sections, you can speak more about the consultants’ actions that add value to your company. If these actions are performed well, your company will grow, and this is something to pay attention to. 

A good employee review template will reveal the positive traits in each employee as well as those traits that need to be improved. Now when you know how to make an effective employee review template, you can fill it in and have a clear picture of each employee’s performance at work. 

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