Employer Branding is Crucial In The War For Talent

In today’s digital world, candidates want to work for companies they trust and respect. If you fail to convince them you’re good enough to work for, they’ll pass. To get more out of your recruitment efforts, you need to revisit your employer branding.

The acquisition of the right talent is half the battle won in the recruitment process. It is imperative that a company hires the right person as the effort put in onboarding, training, and mentoring a recruit goes to waste and is not cost-effective if the hire leaves within a short period.

To attract the right talent, a company needs to be clear in communicating its position, culture, values, and of course services and products, which all boils down to how the company brands itself in the market. Technology has made information easily accessible, and the process of dissemination of the same is more straightforward now. So employer branding itself is crucial. 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

Job seekers spend time researching a company online before applying for a job, furthering the point that employers present an attractive brand. A company’s brand is dependent on the general perception of it as an employer.

Employer Branding Strategy

According to research, over 72% of candidates spend more than one hour researching a job before applying, and on an average, around 80 percent of the candidates look up a company’s brand and how it manages it.

Recruiters in a company need to adopt modern recruitment marketing techniques and tools to connect with possible candidates. And in today’s digital world, the task becomes a little easier with the availability of social media. But the presence of a company in the digital world should not be restricted to just a website.


Employeers Branding

Company Culture for Branding

Recruiters need to communicate a company’s culture to the prospective candidates. If a company believes in sustainable practices, has a strong retention history, and values its employees, then the same needs to be communicated on the social media platform. Publish anonymous polls, talk about the benefits program, the sustainability issue. Anything that conveys that the company cares about its employees.


storytelling and branding

The content on the website and social media platforms should not be static. Develop a multi-channel strategy. Regular updates mean things are happening in a company.

Convey what the company looks for in prospective job seekers, the company’s values.

A video of the work culture, employees engaged in discussions or collaboration goes a long way in building a candidate profile that you are seeking.


employer branding on social media

employer branding in recruitment

Many recruiters post jobs on these channels. This is a good way to create chatter around the posting. LinkedIn is a very authentic source to promote a company. It is a platform for professionals to network and seek jobs.

An active LinkedIn account with the company leadership taking a keen interest by posting questions, blogs, etc. builds brand viewership.

Posting short narratives of an employee’s journey in the company on Facebook and Twitter is also recommended.

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