Is Employment Gap Keeping You From Getting A Good Job?

Returning to work after a gap of few years is a tough job. It requires a whole new level of patience, persistence, and professional identity. While men face such issues, too, but women have to deal with employment gaps more often. It arrives as no surprise that women have to take employment gap to take care of their personal lives, for instance, family, kids, etc. Pew Research Center’s study suggests that 10 percent of well-educated mothers holding a Master’s or higher degree are currently not working as they’re staying at home to take care of their families.

A similar research from Kaiser Family Foundation done in 2014 suggests a very fair point. 49 percent of homemakers, mostly women, would prefer to get a chance to work from home. The other 31 percent said they’re more likely to take up a job if their employers provide childcare. Obviously, other reasons exist, too. To begin with, women prefer to stay at home as they don’t see enough growth opportunities in future in the company they’re working for.

But, what if they decide in the favor of rejoining the workforce after a long gap? Will it be tough? Even mere an idea of it seems like a nightmare to those who’ve not been in the scene for so long. However, such is not the case. Is it tough? Yes. But, is it impossible? No way. We’ve compiled a list of few ways on how to tackle employment gap. Keep reading and we’re sure you’ll know what are the points that need to be addressed. Learn how to sell your skills confidently, embrace the huge break, and land your preferred job.

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview after an Employment Gap

Employment Gap

Do Not Avoid the “GAP” Issue

There is no need to feel bad about taking a gap from work. It’s not like if you were in some prison for committing a horrible crime. You need to discuss your issues boldly with the interviewers. Explain them the issues that drove you to take that much-needed gap from work. Be honest and speak the truth.

Be Thorough With Your Resume

Do not take a pause to think when your interviewers want to know about your skills. You should know everything that is written in your resume. Your future employers want to ensure that you’re ready and committed to join the workforce again.

Maintain a Strong Body Language

Whatever you’re speaking is just as important as whatever you’re doing in an interview. Body language is extremely important for landing a job. Maintain eye contact while talking to interviewers. It shows confidence. Sit straight as you talk, don’t do over nodding, and listen carefully.

Talk About Your Unique Skills

So what if you took an employment gap? Sure, you’ve honed some unique skill set that every firm would value. Multitasking, budget management, and excellent people skills are some of the talents you should describe in front of your employers.

Show Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the new norm these days. Your employers expect you to stay up to date with current advancements in technology. What could be better than social media? Individuals who’re planning on returning to work after a gap must showcase their proficiency in the latest social media platforms. Interviewers are more likely to go for you if you have an active engagement record in your field on social media.

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