Entry-level human resources jobs for new graduates

The new graduates from human resources have many options when it comes to entry level jobs. They can choose from a wide variety of solutions, and they can start applying as soon as they graduate from the human resources programs. 

To find the best HR career, we present you with the top-level jobs that you can do if you have a human resources degree. Here is the list of the best professions. 

HR Recruiter 

An HR recruiter is a more specialized position in the HR department that may be a good fit for the graduates. You will be involved in the recruitment process of the company and this might involve interaction at all levels. You should be introduced to the social media rules, and you should also use trade groups, college connections, and wide networks. As an HR recruiter, you may be involved in the creation of the recruitment plans and processes. All of these activities will lead to a more organized process of recruitment. 

Human Resources Assistant

A job of a human resources assistant is one of the most popular human resources jobs. The responsibilities of this position are very diverse, and these include learning about the recruitment processes, checking records, and taking care of the training and benefits. There are also job responsibilities that include maintaining personnel files and posting job announcements. A human resource assistant is also there to reach out to applicants regarding their hiring status. 

HR jobs

Choose your HR career from the list of outstanding opportunities.

HR Specialist

When it comes to HR jobs, an HR specialist is one of the most demanding positions. It includes a wide range of duties and responsibilities. An HR specialist needs to take care of documentation and files. These professionals also need to screen the candidates and conduct the recruitment processes. At the same time, they should coordinate interviews and create the contracts after the hiring process. All of these duties make the position highly demanding. 

HR Operations Coordinator

A position of an operations coordinator is among the best human resources jobs. The person who holds this position usually assists with employee onboarding and separation. At the same time, he or she maintains employee data and enters new data into HR systems. That is very important because each employee has a separate file with their data and important information. The position of operations coordinators also includes the completion of employment verification. They are usually responsible for exit interviews and requesting final paychecks when a selected employee prepares to leave the company. 

Training Management Assistant

Among the top HR jobs, here is a position of training management assistant. This is a very important position because training is an essential segment of every company’s success. A training management assistant should be involved in the training of the new employees and the assistant should also be responsible for the ongoing education of the existing staff. As an assistant, you are creating reports for the training manager and you coordinate training programs. Assistants also make preparations for the training events that gather security training, prepare conference rooms, and handle travel arrangements. 


There are many types of entry-level human resources jobs for new graduates and you should consider all of them when you search for a new career path. If you have graduated from the HR area, you can choose some of the previously mentioned jobs and create a successful career over the years. 

A human resources degree brings many possibilities, and you can choose whether you want to start in a small startup or a large corporation. This kind of decision will affect the future of your career and you can develop some very good skills in the process of work. No matter which position you choose, you can be sure that the HR career can bring you many benefits. 

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