Essential Aspects to Select the ‘Employee of the Year’

In a majority of the companies all over the world, the concept of selecting the most efficient employee on a monthly or yearly basis is becoming a common practice these days. On the selection of such an employee, he is rewarded in order to promote him to perform well even in future. Not only this, but the other employees also get encouraged to strive to become the best employee of the office. Selecting the employee of the year creates a healthy competitive spirit at the workplace which results in better productivity.

It is the duty of the HR manager to shortlist the deserving candidates and select one of them. It seems like a fun task to do but it ends up being a taxing process for the HR. This is because there a number of factors to be taken into consideration while selecting the perfect candidate. Firstly, the most important point is that the HR must have an absolutely unbiased opinion about everyone, be it consciously or unconsciously. Such an opinion might influence the decision, which will not to be fair to any of the employees.

Work efficiency of the employee of the year

It is needless to say that this is the most essential aspect while selecting the employee of the year. The HR should make sure that the employee has been competent in his work throughout the year, and was consistent as well. It is important to note that producing work bearing good quality isn’t enough. The employee should work according to the instructions given to him by his team leader. Not only this, but he must also co-operate with his team members in a cordial manner.

The parameters of judging the work efficiency of an individual varies depending on the professional field of the office. The work of the employee must contribute in the progress of the company on an overall basis. He must not only concentrate on his individual development.


The HR manager has to keep certain criteria in mind while appointing the ‘Employee of the Year’.

Follow the workplace discipline

Every office has certain rules listed down which are expected to be followed by the employees working there. Except for these rules, there is also basic workplace etiquette which one has to keep in mind. Such professional behavior has great significance on the impact an employee has on his employer as well as manager.

One who reaches office on the decided time and leaves only after the working hours get over must be considered for this reward. Even if the employee is going to reach the office late, he must inform the manager or the team’s head on a prior notice. This shows the professionalism of the employee. If the office has a specific dress code, then the ideal employee must make sure to follow it. Presentable dress sense is really important.

A good employee must try and maintain healthy relations with all his colleagues. He need not be everyone’s friend for it, but he must greet everyone in a positive manner. He must not indulge in any kind of backtalk or politics within the office. This shows that the person has a negative mindset. Another major point is that the employee must restrict his mobile phone usage to his break period. He must only attend personal calls if it is urgent.

To select a deserving candidate for the title of the employee of the year, he must have good conduct, thorough professionalism, pleasing behavior, punctuality, loyalty towards the company, and significantly, work efficiency.

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