Even Introverts can crack a Job Interview with these strategies

Hiring managers often consider introverts as not the perfect fit while selecting candidates through job interview. In recruiting, shyness and introversion are mulled over as a red flag. However, studies show that introverted personalities are better at some of the skills that are highly desirable by recruiters such as risk awareness and management, ability to work independently, and careful decision making.

If you are an introverted personality, here are some of the strategies that can help you during a job interview:

Spare some solo time on the interview day

It’s not that introverts don’t like being surrounded by people; it’s just that they enjoy being alone more than interacting with people. So, you should schedule your day such that you have some buffer time for yourself before and after the interview. This will help you in revitalizing yourself and fend off nervousness.

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Be prepared to talk

Any introverted person will hate to have small talks with people, they find it quite pointless. Even if you don’t like to chit-chat, you don’t have an option when it comes to facing an interview. Instead of asking some pointless questions for the sake of making a conversation, you can come up with some questions that are not worthless.

 It is a great opportunity to build rapport with the interviewer and be in his or her good books. So this small talk won’t be pointless, right?

Focus more on the first impression and the last impression

The very beginning and the very end are the two moments that leave an impression in an interviewer’s mind. So, ensure that you enter the interview room with a confident smile, introducing yourself, making you look enthusiastic, gracious, and confident. Additionally, when you leave the room, thank the interviewer for providing you with such opportunity, so that he has a good impression in his mind when he summarizes your interview.

Remind yourself that you are an introverted person and it is okay to be one

It is not necessary that an extrovert will beat you in any interpersonal situation. You never know if the interviewer is seeking for someone who is quiet and thoughtful. Bear in mind that introverts can be great leaders, especially when given a right team. You can even mention that you are introverted when you have your “small talk” with the interviewer, that will help him figure out more about your personality traits.

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