Exclamation Mark (“! “) Etiquettes in Email

Exclamation Mark Etiquettes

Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Point Etiquette


SUBJECT: what’s up!!!!!!


I am busy with office work!!!! Will you be free tomorrow! Let’s meet up! How is office!!

Above is an analogous example of unnecessary usage of an exclamation mark. People can be so obsessed with the exclamation mark, no matter how lame the subject is they always need to ribbon everything with an (!) mark. Perhaps, they’re in love with adding this at any point in emails and casual writing?

Be it your colleagues, friends or family, they are always enthusiastic about life or display their sense of urgency via this mark; well the point is people have started using it at every instance of time; no matter if the situation is really enthusiastic and urgent or not.

Let us get this straight, it is a punctuation mark that can be used to display strong emotions.

Use of exclamation marks in emails

Positivity in relationships between colleagues and co-workers outside and inside is considered as a crucial factor for job success. They are considered important with professionals and other customers as well, with whom you might communicate on a frequent basis.

When you write a business email, the tone of your writing demonstrates your basic attitude towards the opposite person and focuses on your work habits. Use of the unnecessary exclamation mark in the email can easily destroy the underlying meaning of your text.


When your email has an exclamation mark on it, it shows the person on the other end that you are excited about something. Based on the context of your use of exclamation marks, the reader can easily gauge your mood.

Example: We are planning Steve’s birthday party! Stay prepared during the lunch break. Everyone is expected to be present in the conference room.


You can also be in a bad mood when you send an email with an exclamation mark in it. This type of excitement can be dangerous to your working relationships.

Example: The reports were supposed to be sent at 10 am. It’s already 9:50 am! And you still haven’t prepared it!?

Try to avoid usage of the exclamation points in your work email. Use it only when you need to emphasize something that is important. Think about how your reader might interpret the message when they read it.

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