Exploring Five Hot Disruptive Innovations in HR Technology

Top HR TrendsFor those passionate about the impact of technology in organizations, it is indeed the season of interesting product developments from the digital HR industry. Bringing you the latest technological spirit of the HR vanguard and our favorite picks from the outspread of automation in the HR industry. An insight on leading-edge HR technology that facilitates employers in the process of incorporating innovation in order to look for ideas outside of their corporate realms. So get ready to embark on the journey of the HR revolution and get dazzled by the glare of your future digital natives embedding innovation and tools that provide real-time feedback on performance and goals within their corporate culture. Human Resource can now go as far as calling itself a digitally influenced management.  

1. Our take on Newton’s applicant tracking system

Employers know how you can raise the recruiting bar without really breaking the bank by choosing Newton’s applicant tracking system; the most efficient among the existing array of applicant tracking systems. This interesting tracking system allows employers to choose hiring platform, streamline the entire recruitment process in one go and doing so in the most efficient and ethical fashion ever. Be it small or medium-size employers, everyone form of an employer can benefit from the perks of this simple, smart and safe mobile applicant tracking system, that is fully-featured will tools helping employers meet every user involved in the hiring process. Interestingly, Newton doesn’t require its users to login and yet registers requests and captures decisions and analytics from day one. Imagine how maddening it must get for employers to have to revert back to a huge chunk of candidates, on who have been chosen who have lost their opportunities. However, with the Newton’s applicant tracking system, forget about those tedious ordeals and welcome yourself to a form of HR technology that is nimble, efficient and can be easily customized.

2. Enterprise resource planning software

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a cohesive business solution with a relatively low total cost of ownership, comprising of essential business values, deep industry experiences and performance-based HR technology. This unique application suite is an enterprise resource planning software that is replete with integrated applications that allows a company’s HR to collect, store, manage and interpret data from its many business activities. This is the first ever ERP solution that runs all applications on Apple iPad. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne also provides mobile applications. Only JD Edwards EnterpriseOne presents more choice of operating systems, hardware and databases so you can develop and expand your company’s HR solution to meet various business requirements. With its huge collection of 80 application modules that support a diverse set of business processes and key industry solutions, JD Edwards is the very product for the proper functioning of your company’s HR management. Human resource can specially make use of this software for purposes such as recruiting, rostering, training, payroll, 401K, benefits, diversity management, retirement and separation thanks to its unique package of human resource components. It enables you to quickly determine the information you need to gain understanding on to better manage your workforce. This software helps you analyze a multitude of workforce information including, salary and performance rankings, workforce demographics, compensation, and benefits.

3. Cornerstone Recruiting, Onboarding, and Performance

Improve the talent procurement process with modern & well-organized recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting allows organizations approach better candidates in less time with applicant management, public sourcing, employee referrals and collaborative hiring capabilities without ever having to swap between systems. Moreover, the data gathered from recruiting can be retrieved in other talent management tools such as learning, onboarding, performance, and more. Now you can easily connect, train, and engage new hires into the organization with Cornerstone Onboarding technology that helps organizations keep new hires involved with public tools and training and target setting opportunities. Because Onboarding is a process combined with learning and connecting, large organizations can seamlessly detail their learning and facilitate networking for new hires. With Cornerstone Performance, you can now Inspire passion, performance and productivity because performance operation is unified with learning, succession and compensation in one hefty system. Organizations can better deliver ongoing responses, streamline employee goals with organizational strategies and address skill and gaps in expertise. Lastly, they can use performance data to report developments, merit initiatives, and planning leadership goals. Cornerstone Succession further enables businesses to proactively tackle workforce problems and boost organizational longevity using information about performance, and succession registered in a single system without having to cobble together training records, reviews, and compensation data from separate platforms. All the data and figures associated with training, performance, and merit can be accessed on one platform, making it simpler to identify, develop, and success top talent.

4. Workday Human Resource Management

Connecting the dots between the employee performance and compensation has just gotten easier. Now there’s a quicker, smarter way to handle all of your people-related activities. Workday Human Resource Management offers spontaneous, self-service features that are intuitive in  effectively organizing, staffing, and paying your global workforce. Now you can effortlessly manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle in one easy-to-run system. Get a precise headcount should not be one of your most daunting tasks. Workday Organization Management helps you accurately sculpt and analyze your workforce by multiple techniques and business dimensions. This unique management system will help businesses to creatively design, effectively manage, and properly  adjust compensation programs to meet their ever-existing complex global rewards requirements. Manage staffing of both employees and contingent labor in one place and make better compensation choices with the contextual decision support feature that lets you define and manage global compensation components, including allowances, base pay, equity, variable pay. Paying employees for performance based on multiple aspects, including organization, individual performance as well as team performance can be easily tracked by reporting time-off requests, accruals and balances in real time with seamless unification to Workday Time Tracking. This also provides a self-service interface for employees to actively ensure and request time off, empower managers and supervisors with delivered reports and easily track their worker population across various leave types.

5. Halogen software

Halogen Talent Space is far more than just a software. It provides a complete suite of talent management solutions, alongside a complete service set of best-practice resources and a vibrant user community brought comprehensively to help the HR department build a workforce that’s better streamlined, inspired and delivers effectively on your business strategy. Align and set goals, give meaningful feedback and acknowledgment on employee performance appraisals in merely a fraction of the time. Arrange and understand valuable 360-degree feedback effectively and quickly — without paper or processing headaches and easily establish and manage job descriptions to link them to your business’ performance and talent management processes.

You can also manage and track learning and development trends and easily measure their effectiveness in terms of enhanced employee performance. Implement best performance talent pool-based planning and ensure that you have a pool of candidates ready to fill new roles. Establish pay-for-performance schemes and assign pay increases across the whole organization with unmatched ease. Incorporate recruiting with new talent management strategies, making it faster, easier, and more effective to filter and hire candidates. With the Halogen software, you can also transform one-on-one meetings into a strong tool for enhancing communication, collaboration and development across your organization.  

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