Facebook is always in an active-mode to take over or dominate the good going social media sites. For instance, Instagram which was attracting a huge number of eye-balls is now acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. Currently, the very unique Snapchat was offered $1 billion by Facebook to sell. Though, Facebook had not been able to crack the deal.

LinkedIn has grown into a huge networking site and is receiving a lot of attention these days. Specifically, it has proved to be a very productive platform for the job-seekers and the employers. The digital platform has made job-seeking and hiring of potential employees very easy, bringing everything under a single arena.

Facebook is updating their apps on a definite interval; giving its users high-end experience. It also keeps on constantly including all the new factor that is in trend in the market. As of now if we go with that perspective, then Facebook has taken LinkedIn over its cross-platform.

On 15th February 2017, Facebook debuted its new feature with the heading of ‘Jobs on Facebook’. As the name suggests, Facebook is now rolling a new tab on their app where they will bring job seeking and job hiring system on its compact platform. Since people are already using Facebook for job posting and applying, the networking firm decided to give their users more ease in the process.

The new bookmark

Employers will be able to create the posts for the job openings through the admins of their pages. Also, they will be able to track applications of the potential employees. Further communication with the applicants will also get very much quick and easy for they would be able to pursue the same via Facebook messenger.

For the applicants also the process seems to be very simple. The posts of the job openings will appear in the news feed and also in the newly added ‘Jobs on Facebook’ tab. The business pages will also show up the openings in their company on their wall. Hence, the seekers could apply without much hassle.

Facebook owes the attention of on an average 1 billion users every month. So introducing new features to its app and enhancing their users’ experience is what company can afford. Meanwhile, LinkedIn wants to turn the tables on this social media giant, and has launched a refreshed UI to tightly hold its position (because the design seems to be similar to Facebook’s UI). Undoubtedly, there are lots of other new features also added to make it appealing.

Facebook has a highest number of $1 billion visitors on its platform. Also, people find it refreshing to spend time on Facebook. So why not to convert the time spent there in something productive, be it for employers or for the employees? This very argument is enough to hold-high the flags of Facebook.

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