Dear Jane, I’m facing discrimination at work

Dear Jane,

I have immune deficiency which prevents me from venturing out right now. I have requested to continue working from home, but my boss says I have to be at work. Can my boss make me return to work?

facing disability discrimination at work

Discrimination at work

Discrimination at Work

Your condition is covered by federal and many state disability statues, which would allow you to be entitled to work from home as a reasonable accommodation for your condition.

In the past, courts haven’t required companies to allow working from home as a reasonable accommodation, especially if the job required being in the physical work setting. The ongoing pandemic and the current government COVID-19 guidelines for prevent the spread of the virus suggest greater protection in this scenario.

If your boss prevents you from working from home contact the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the civil- or human-rights agency in your state and explore options for filings a charge of disability-based discrimination.


Hi Jane,

I fear I could risk getting exposed to coronavirus while on the job. Is my employer required to provide me with protective gear?

Federal and state laws require employers to provide a safe workplace. If you work in an industry where you are in direct contact with people who have COVID-19, then your employer is required to provide you with protective equipment.

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