Feng Shui at Office! Is the “chi” flowing right at your workplace?

Feng shui is not a meditation exercise, a religious conviction or a modern age cult. The two words synonymous to wind and water define the tradition of orchestrating the environment in a manner that energy, also called “chi”, flows smoothly and efficiently through your home or business surroundings. It is a theme of perspective, a means of accepted wisdom for creating sense of balance in our lives. Feng shui at office is an essential application.

Neither Fast nor Slow – Just the Right Balance!

Feng shui is a primordial Chinese practice of organising physical objects to attract positive energy. Based on the idea that everything in a person’s immediate surroundings affects his or her internal life, it requires the positioning of objects in a room, building or other space to bring about a smooth flow of life force or essential energy within the space. When there is good chi flowing, everyone in the space will get a boost of positive energy.

Feng shui cures are generally not dramatic. They are simple acts of placements and re-arrangements. Office Feng shui is usually thought of, when people at workplace are not comfortable in their space. It will be great to see if the Feng shui of your office has the responses to some challenges you may be noticing.

Hurting chairs, awful lighting and a cramped work space encourage feelings of uneasiness. Office Feng shui comes in when you’re looking to feel a little more at home even while at work or just want to get some great vibes at work.

Read further guidelines for Feng shui at workplace.

  • The first and most fundamental rule of Feng shui at office is de-cluttering. It is not unknown that clutter has an intense impact on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Getting rid of clutter will bring in vital energy that will enhance productivity and focus.Office Feng shui plant
  • At almost any given workplace, maximum of the time is spent on the desk. If your back is towards the door, window or the overall staff, your energy will be likely to get frail. Well-built backing can be created in many ways. Insert a strip of tiny indoor plants behind your seating area to vaguely re-position your office chair to have the wall at your back.
  • Above all, plants will do a great job of getting fresh energy naturally. Be sure to choose a plant that is not just for the indoors, but also purifies the air since many workplaces have some amount of indoor pollution levels. Areca palm, bamboo palm, rubber plant, English ivy, dwarf date palm, Boston fern and peace lily are just to name a few.
  • Moreover, any angled furniture creates attacking energy which may prove as a deplete enhancer. Try and reposition the furniture wherever possible, so that there are no sharp angles pointing towards any employee. Maintain stress and petulance to a minimum by opting furniture with rounded corners or placing sharp corners away from walkways. Keep away from harsh lighting since it can cause tetchiness and low energy.
  • For great Feng shui at office, use wall images and objects that are motivating, resourceful and creative. For wall images insert mottos and slogans that reflect your company goals. You can also use art and open window facilities for fresher air penetration. Above all, you can add music, running water decor or mist with essential oils to keep stress levels at the Feng shui colours
  • Every entity in your workplace has an influence. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, stated this as numinosity. Ensure that your workplace is having a positive and uplifting effect on the whole staff. If you have been investigating Feng shui for a while, you know how significant it is to have your office desk face a good direction. Sometimes it is very easy to place your office desk and sometimes you just have to use all your creativity to find the best spot in your office.
  • Colour has a noteworthy impact on your emotional and material well-being. Browns and earthy tones such as soft yellow and sandstone ground and stabilise work environment. Balanced brights such as pale gold, pale orange, pale green and blue-green stimulate the mind. Adding white will increase simplicity.


There are many more Feng shui methods that will work well. These are some universal ones. Feng shui isn’t a magical procedure. Rather, it offers a visual cue of the areas that need improvement. Begin with guidelines above as a way to enhance positivity and stability to your desk.

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