Firing an Employee amid the Joyful Holiday Season

Holidays Snow Red BagFiring an employee right before the holidays is a good way to have someone gift you a name Toblerone for your desk with ‘Uncle Scrooge’ fondly written on it. One needs to understand basic rules when terminating an employee under special circumstances during the holidays. Keeping marginal people in the office means holding back productivity which can be infuriating for the supervisors as well. But before you take that ultimate step, you might want to have a look at a few legal complications of it. So why not avoid it as long as you can by taking a few precautionary steps where such bush-league performance can be eliminated giving a much wider space for Rockstar performance from employees?

Reviews throughout the Year

Making employee performance review a year-round activity certainly helps in monitoring their performance and guiding them in the right direction. Here supervisors can help play a key role in making it less worrisome and complicated. A part of the supervisors’ job is to delegate tasks. Sometimes micro-managers who are extremely tied-up in minor job details make it difficult for employees to accomplish tasks properly on time. Why not leave it on the employee to decide how they’re going to accomplish those assignments? This approach will help play a bigger role in employee job satisfaction as well as motivation. Besides, if will help supervisors save a great deal of time, thus freeing themselves for more strategizing smoother workplace related procedures. Managers often delay giving positive feedback when an employee put’s in extra effort into doing something. Making it more spontaneous helps build morale. A lot of companies today have “spot rewards”, where employees are handed out things like movie tickers, gift certificates etc at random times when an employee shows exemplary work performance. Again, this proves to be a great morale builder as well as a productivity booster. A sense of fulfillment overcomes when employees realize how much their work is contributing towards the success of the organization. They need to know every now and then how a certain project will help the company tick off another great achievement in the year etc. Managers often tend to dismiss the whole ‘speak up when you recognize good work’. Instead of emphasizing on the end results why not give employee a little pat on the back of all the hard work they’ve done. If there are certain hurdles, managers can streamline the process and make it simpler for employees to achieve success in what they do. For organization the end results matter, but a lot of significant accomplishments will be made on the way towards the successful journey. Why not make it productive and fulfilling for employees?

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