Five Pointers to Build a Successful Work Team

An organization can work effectively and come up with better results only if every team makes efforts and puts in their best. In order to build a successful work team, it is essential to keep a few pointers in mind. Only by hiring the best of people does not mean that the team will be working wonders. Sometimes it also happens that when too many strong headed people are on the same team, it is difficult to control them or make things work out. For which, we bring to you these basic tips that you could follow and build a team that can make you proud.

Build a Successful Work Team

An organization can work effectively only if every team member puts in their best.

Establish Leadership-

In order for a team to function properly, it is necessary to let them know who the boss is and how things are going to work. Bu doing so, the team members will realize how to go about their duties. We’re not suggesting you remain strict. Not really. But stand your ground and let them know that you aren’t a pushover. Establish ground rules; inform them about the chain of commands and how important it is to keep you informed about every development and every step they take. When you do this, your members will start working towards achieving the goal and there’ll be less lazy people on board with you.

Establish good relationship-

It is important to make your team members feel that they are a valued member of your team. Try to get a little personal with them. Sometimes, it is good to make everything about the employees instead of work. Learn to take out time for them. Only when your employees are happy with you and how you treat them, will they be interested in working for you. Employee productivity depends on how they are being treated at work and the relationship they share with their boss. To build a healthy relationship where you give them the freedom to share what they like.

Employee Involvement & Empowerment

An employee will only give his 100 percent if s/he knows that they are needed for the task. Involving every employee in every task is equally important. Else, they feel that you don’t trust them and so they stop putting any efforts. Empowerment will only come if employees are involved. When you start trusting an employee and give them work to do, they feel motivated and proud. To get someone motivated to work is also a kind of empowerment which is much required if you want your team to function smoothly with effective results.

Open Discussions-

In order to achieve transparency, there must be an open line of communication where everyone can come up and talk about what they feel is right. An open discussion is not only helpful in order to get the team achieves success but it also helps in problem-solving. When you hear more point of views, you get to see the entire picture that you may not have been able to see before. Open communication helps benefit not only the team but also the organization as a whole. The more discussion takes place, the clearer the picture gets.

Use Consensus

When people work in a team, every member must have a say in the matter. A team cannot work when everyone else is silent and just one person throwing commands. A successful team will always come up with multiple ideas and then take a vote. Every member must be happy with the decision made, if not, then at least a majority must. No one likes unpleasant surprises. No matter the decision a company takes, they must involve their employees and ask them to vote for or against the same. Also, when you include every member in a decision, they feel that they are valued and therefore work harder to increase productivity.

Get to know the Strengths and Weaknesses

In order to see whether your team is up for a task, delegate problem-solving tasks to every member. This way a leader can get to know the strengths and weaknesses of every member. Every strength can be used to get work done faster. The weaknesses can be turned into an asset and should be made use of in their own way. You cannot accept people to change overnight. But with proper training, you can sharpen people’s skills and build their weaknesses into strengths. A leader needs to first know the pulse of every member. In order to build a successful work team, everyone needs to make efforts to the best of their ability.

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