Five Wardrobe Essentials for Female Lawyers

The saying, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ is something that every female lawyer must remember. How you dress to meet your clients and what you wear to fight for them in the court-room matters every bit as what you say to them. Your initial perception will be built on the way you carry yourself in court. How you dress plays a major role in how people will perceive you. One thing that must be kept in mind is that you are not going to a fashion party, but at the same time, remember that it is very important that you stick to a classic fashion that reflects well on your personality.

Traditionally, the suit is considered to be the ideal dress-code for work. But we need to change with the times. I’m not saying let’s forget what we have been following all these years, but we can surely give it our own tweak. The profession of law is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly and neither what you wear to work. Follow these five wardrobe essentials for female lawyers and you’ll be good to go and win.

1. Accessories


One must remember at all times that accessories are the “bare necessities of life”, especially in the court of law. But that doesn’t mean you don’t accessorize at all. Oh no, dear! A little something is always important to put on. For example, never go to work with empty ears. Go for earrings that don’t grab attention and look subtle. Stick to gold, diamonds, platinum or pearls. Avoid keeping them long. Short and sweet is the best way to go with earrings. Also, in this day and age of mobile, we find it convenient to check the time on the phone. But I suggest we go the old-fashioned way. Wearing a watch is a must. The ideal watches would be the metal ones or the ones with a black or brown leather belts. You get these two things right and you’re good to go!

2. Court Shoes


This is one thing you have to get right. With all the load that your head carries, you need something comfortable yet professional enough to carry you. Court shoes are the best way to go. You may go in for different styles but remember not to go for very pointed heels. Go for broad heels that will help you get through the day without much discomfort. Apart from that, bellies and loafers look good too. But I always feel that heels (no matter how low) are a must if you are meeting your clients or are presenting a case in front of the jury. It gives you a bolder edge.

3. Professional purse


Apart from all the pressure you carry of your clients and the firm, get something that can also carry your belongings. Your purse needs to have a professional look to it. Go for dark colors like black, dark blue, dark brown etc. If you like to go with lighter shades then shades of white and beige look pretty too. Whatever you carry, avoid going for spunky colors. You need people to pay attention to what you say and not what you carry.

4. Pretty white blouse and a smart blazer

white-wardrobe-essentials-for-female lawyers

A pretty white blouse is always a must have apart from the shirts you own. Try and opt for designs that go well with a skirt as well as a trouser. I often buy tops that can match with skirts and trousers, just to look a little different. Being a lawyer, you can hardly experiment with colors because the house of law is an extremely formal place. If you are tired of the same white, I suggest you go for light shades of beige and grey. Off-whites do the trick as well. But remember that the last thing you need is to draw attention to your clothes. But bear well that you also need to be noticed and make your presence felt. A good black blazer is also an absolute must. I am pretty sure you are tired of people telling you the same, but I felt the need to point it out because it’s not possible to get suits stitched all the time. A blazer must be carried at all times. The best thing about it is that it can go with pants, skirts, dresses, you name it.

5. Wrinkle Free Dress with a Belt


You may ask me a reason for a wrinkle-free dress and I’ll tell you a good one. Imagine you have to meet a client that’s not in the same city as you are. Since you may be on a tight schedule, you may just make a day’s visit. At such times, instead of changing your clothes at the airport, it’s better to always go ready because time, for you, will always be of the essence. Black is an ideal color as it stands for formal, but you could also go for dark shades of grey or midnight blues. Avoid going for light shaded dresses. They are okay for brunch parties, but definitely not for a client meeting. A belt gives your dress a formal touch and personally, I find belts to be very classy. The size of the belt completely depends on you and the kind of dress you are wearing. It’s not much, but these five wardrobe essentials for female lawyers can never go wrong.

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