Food Etiquette Worth Following To Earn Respect At The Workplace

While working in a professional setup, it becomes extremely important for an individual to behave in a dignified manner. It is necessary to follow some workplace etiquette throughout the day. This applies to the lunch break as well. It is true that lunch break is the time when the employees can unwind themselves. This does not give anyone the freedom to feel so comfortable in the office that they forget that it’s a formal setup. It is necessary to keep up with the professionalism of the place even during food breaks. A few tips have been mentioned below which are essential to follow while consuming food in the workplace.

Make the food break a social event

Any kind of breaks provided for food is the ideal time to socialize with the rest of the people in the office. This is because one can find employees belonging to other departments in the same room only at such a time. One should make the best of this opportunity to know his colleagues better and strike a rapport with them. Starting a meaningful conversation about the recipe of a certain dish is a great way to show someone your interest in talking to them. As people from different walks of life work together, this diversity can be fruitful by sharing everyone’s home-cooked food in the lunch hour. This will inculcate a mutual bond among the colleagues and help them in knowing each other better.

Respectable behavior during the food break

It is important to understand that even during a break, an employee needs to follow etiquette. Consequently, one is under constant scrutiny in the workplace hence a certain poise is necessary. One should avoid talking loudly while eating or chewing with the mouth open. This is considered disgraceful and will be looked down upon by your colleagues. Also, such a habit might be thought of as a nuisance by the people around you. Similarly, one should try to make minimum use of hands while eating, instead use a fork or a spoon.

food etiquette

As a symbol of courtesy, keep your phone aside during meals. If one talks or texts while eating, it is a form of disrespect to the person accompanying you. Try not to discuss topics related to work during the lunch hour. This time period is for employees to unwind and relax, not to discuss work strategies. Instead use this time to know your colleagues better. If someone is having lunch alone in his cubicle or work station, invite him to join you in the lunch room. It’s a good sign to establish cordial relations with fellow employees and makes one popular in the workplace.

Avoid spreading the aroma of your food

Another key point to remember is that one should be careful about the kind of food he carries to the workplace. Be it munching something in the work cubicle or dining in the lunch room, try avoiding food with a strong smell. Specifically non-vegetarian dishes, as they usually spread a strong odor. Not only this, but other dishes which leave a smell on being heated should not be consumed as well. It might leave behind a smell in the microwave on heating. One should try to cause minimum inconvenience to his fellow employees in terms of the common office kitchen.

Cleanliness is unavoidable

At the same time, it is the individual’s duty to keep the workplace tidy. One should avoid dropping anything on the work desk as it contains electrical equipment as well as important work notes. In case any mishap takes place, clean it immediately without harming anything around it. The same is the case while dining in the lunch room. One is responsible for the cleanliness of the place which he occupies. Thus if one has dropped something while relishing the food, he should clean up the place which he used. This reflects the responsible side of the worker. By doing so, he will earn the respect of his colleagues as it portrays the humbleness of the human.

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