Foolproof Ways to Deal with Unproductive Employees

For a firm to function effectively and be at its peak, the employer, business owner or manager should be a great general skilled in the art of mobilizing and motivating employees towards productivity. Employers are also supposed to demonstrate quality skills while dealing with underproductive employees and have solutions for underperformance, drudgery, and redundancy.

Most times some underperforming employees might be satisfied with conditions on the job but lack emotional connection. They could be burned out or facing a salvageable challenge. When employees are emotionally disconnected from their roles, managers may have plenty of work to overturn the attribute making them unproductive employees.

Employee motivation is a key aspect in dealing with underperforming employees but much of the effort is rewarding when employees are challenged. Here are simple ways of dealing with unproductive employees.

Make the employees aware of your expectations

Unproductive employees are most times not even aware of what you expect from them. It’s simply done by providing a job description with the specifics to every employee. Every company is required to establish performance evaluation and monitoring process in which the description is used to set appropriate work goals. Regular consultations between employers and employees should be in place for continuous fine-tuning and progress monitoring and evaluation. Employers should set goals for the underperforming employees and give them deadlines to achieve the goals. Ensure regular review of these assigned goals and that will help nurture the communication link.

Get close enough

The employer should get close and involved enough to discover if a nonproductive employee is facing challenges in the cause of doing the job. Many times, lack of understanding of the rudiments of the job and task at hand as well as lack of job tools and guidance in cases they need help makes the employees bungle up the job and perform below the approved standard.

Utilize employee feedback when assigning tasks

This can raise employee sense of pride in the job as well as their morale level. It may also be beneficial to concede more responsibilities to employees as more responsibility spikes up the self-worth of the employee. Listening to employee voice is also a very potent move to make on the employee whether unmotivated or eager, ambitious employees who are looking to make their mark.

Help them to understand their value and reward exceptional efforts

Oftentimes, unproductive employees strive not to improve because they feel out of place and that their job has no impact or direct bearing on the production process. It is very important to help them to understand that their contribution is valuable. Rewards will spur up unproductive employees to strive for accolades by putting in more effort on the job. Everyone loves promotion, praise, and gratification.

Nonproductive employees should not be abandoned

Aside from working hard to make the employee productive, it is essential to expel them from the team if all efforts to get them productive prove abortive. Maintaining workplace morale makes it essential to remove teammates who are dragging the rest of the team down.

Encourage fun time

Some employees find it difficult to settle at every slight change of roles or responsibilities. A liberal workplace where they are able to take scheduled breaks and have a little fun can help them deal with the new roles. Employers should not stop any extra form of socializing in the break room. Giving employees a little room to be nonproductive is always beneficial in the long run.

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