These Free Career Quizzes Online Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

How many of you out there from the working clan are injected by the quiz bug? Many of you may be thinking about improvisation in working styles or a job change or may be in search of a potential dream job. Do you think a career quiz can help you in such areas?

free career quizzes

Well, they may not be able to pin-point things on an exact basis. But such quizzes can certainly help you find a direction towards your aspirations. Even better, they can at least provide meaningful insights into your strengths and abilities that you might be unaware about.

Free Career Quizzes Online

free career quizzes online

My Next Move O*NET Interests Profiler

This site helps you find your interests and their relation to the working world. You can find out things that you like to do with the help of this site. The U.S. Department of Labor sponsors this tool. This site helps you identify your career interests. It then shows you the career paths that can help achieving those interests. It also gives an option of searching different careers as per the necessary preparations in the results section. This means that you can also find some options which are apt according to your current skills.


‘Play games, get hired’ – This is what this site says. It offers you games that are based on numerous neuroscience researches. These simple mind games are actually challenging that measures various social and cognitive traits. This way you can discover your unique emotional and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. You can thus explore different careers wherein such traits can help you excel at work.

The Big Five Personality Test

No two people have the exact personality. We can be a carbon-copy of someone in looks, but never in nature at cent percent. Typically, there are not just three or four but 16 different types of personalities. With the help of The Big Five Personality Test, you can learn more about your style of working and the way in which you relate to other people. This site will provide you with insightful information like your ability to handle stressful situations, your introvert-extrovert levels, your self-discipline levels, etc.

One of the most interesting parts of this site is that it has explained all the 16 personalities in detail. When we say in detail, each description includes everything from an overview, career to relationships. It also has a test at the end of each description to ascertain if you are an individual with that particular personality.

It has a list of various personality tests including – personality type, career tests, big five, group testing and more.

Career Strengths Test

Career Strengths Test has a collection of activities that are created by the ‘Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation’ for These activities test your strength levels for various numbers of skills. When you do well in the activities you get to know about the jobs which require those particular skills. In this way you can get an idea about the kind of a career fit for your set of skills and abilities.  You can easily try these aptitude tests at home without the need of any proctors or props, the site mentions.

free career quizzes for dream job

Other than these, The Muse has reported some more career tests (Paid) which include –

Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator ($120)

StrengthsQuest ($9.95)

Self-Directed Search ($9.95)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ($49.95)

So, even if you cannot get a bull’s eye career decision with such tests, there is no harm trying out one of these for a clearer insight of your abilities, right?

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