Free Job Posting Sites You Should Bookmark Right Away

There are several job posting sites that help employers to find the best personnel for their job position. However, only a few of them are worldwide recognized and considered as an ideal platform for searching the best talent from the industry. These websites are free to job posting sites for the employers and also allows the candidates to register themselves free to browse for their desired job position. Hence these free sites for posting jobs offer a platform where the employers and potential employees meet. The following are the ten best websites that help employers to post jobs for free and get the most relevant applicants for their job positions.

Top Free Job Posting Sites

1. Indeed Job Posting

Indeed is the world’s largest and widely used job search engine. It has more than 250 million job seekers and counting. The candidates are free to register on this website. They can upload their resume, cover letter, photo, work experience, qualification and other vital information that could highlight their skills and abilities. This makes this website an ideal for employers who can look in from millions of applicants and find the best, most relevant and deserving candidate for their job positions. The job posting on Indeed is free. The employers are facilitated to have a view of the resume database wherein they can search for job seekers with relevant experience, knowledge, skills, and academics required for the job position. The employers can also advertise on the website to get the attraction of the candidates and promote their interest in the company and ask them to apply for the job posting.  In addition to that, the premium visibility facility is offered to the employers so that their jobs can be sponsored and could attract the most qualified applicants for the position.

2. Craigslist Job Posting

Craiglist is one of the best websites for job search especially for candidates looking for hourly or part-time roles in the organization. In most of the locations, the Craigslists is free for the job posting. Employers can use this website if they are seeking temporary or contract basis employees. The majority of the applicants in this job site are mostly looking for hourly or part-time roles in food service, fitness, hotel cleaning, restaurant, and other related jobs. So, if you are an employer looking for entry-level job seekers than this is the best website that offers a huge database in the form of resumes of candidates interested in temporary or contract basis positions.

3. Angellist Site

If you are looking for computer professionals such as developers who are at the startup position of their career than Angellist is the best website which offers free job posting facility. There are more than two million active candidates on this website who are waiting to get hired as technical staff for Tech companies. The job posting is free and the employers get access to databases carrying vital information about the candidates with technical academic background and experience.

4. Fiverr Jobs

Fiverr is the best website for placing free job posting, especially those who are looking for freelancers. This website has millions of candidates registered on its website from around the world. The best part of this website is that it is free and offers access to the candidates who are placed around the world. Therefore if an employer is looking for good talent at lower per hour pay conditions than this is an ideal website for them. An employer can hire the best talent at as low as $5 per hour. The payment is to be made to the freelancer when the invoice is sent. Not a penny is required to be paid to Fiverr for these facilities.

5. Internships Jobs

If you are looking for interns to work in your company than is the best website for you. It offers a free job posting facility to the employer. It also guides the employer as to how to hire and manage an intern. The job postings for internship jobs for free. This website is promoted by globally renowned and offers promising results to the employer by offering a database of candidates who are relevant, dependable and cost-effective for their enterprise.

6. Hire my mom – Job Posting

Hire My Mom as the name suggest is the job website that offers job opportunities to stay at home moms. This site is meant to offer job opportunities to people who are at home and cannot move out far away due to their responsibilities with children and related. Therefore these talented people are offered job opportunities from their homes. The employers who are interested in hiring the best talent and also ready to offer them the facility to work from home than Hire My Mom is the best website for them. This website will help in hiring assistant writers, virtual assistants, and marketing experts right from their home. This way the remotely situated moms can support their families by earning good money from their home.

7. Wisestep – Job Posting

WIsestep is a social recruiting website that offers job search facility to the registered candidates. The resumes and other professional details of the candidates are secured in the database and allowed to be accessed by the genuine employer. It is a completely free job website where the employers can post their jobs and get passive talent right from the school, college or universities. The use of social networking services further helps the employer to get in touch with the interested candidates to avail more information and support the final decision making.

8. JobSpider – Job Posting

If you are tired of other websites that have lost their reputation due to job scams and irrelevant job search than JobSpider is the best website for you as an employer. It offers to the view of more than one million resumes to the employer and that too at free of cost. The employer can also place a free job posting on this website and get the desired inputs from a huge number of applicants.

9. Postjobfree – Job Posting

As the name suggests Postjobfree is an ideal website for the employer. It offers about 1.5 million jobs to interested candidates every week. This way a good reputation of the website helps in attracting the best talent from the industry. On the other hand, this website offers employers with the facility of no charge on viewing the resumes database. This way the employers can select the most talented and relevant candidates and contact them accordingly.

10. Flexjobs – Job Posting

Flexjobs is one of the best job search websites that has more than two million registered candidates from around the world. The job posting on this website is free for the employer. The employer is also offered the facility to view the well organized and categorized resumes of interested candidates, making them easier to select the most relevant for their job position. This site charges the applicants for getting information and apply for job search, therefore the chances of fakes, irrelevant and incompetent applicants declines. Hence the system followed by this website helps the employers to get the application of the candidates who are seriously looking for a job and carry all the vital skills and experience to perform their duties on the job.

So, if you are an employer and looking to hire the best talent from the industry than you should bookmark these job posting sites right away.

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