Fun Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, of feelings and affection for one another. It is not only a day specifically meant for couples, but for everyone to show their love for another! Say Valentine’s Day and the only thing that comes in mind are hearts, chocolates, heart-shaped balloons and flowers. Couples go out and enjoy a gala time; lovers write poems, letters to each other and express their love and feelings.

Valentine's Day at work activities

Employee Engagement Activities

But for the ones in the workplace, this day seems like just another day of assignments, tasks and deadlines. It has been found out that a majority of 87% of workers don’t feel interested to work on Valentine’s Day. As such, the office can bring out an innovative and fun way to engage people at work and bring out their creativity. Here we bring out fun ways of making this Valentine’s Day a special one and make the workplace a fun and love-filled spot for you. Enjoy and Indulge!

Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day


Breakfast at work

Hosting out a lavish breakfast for the employees can be a lucrative way to get the employees to work. Getting heart-shaped candies, pastries, bagels, and English breakfast essentials in the morning can make the workers enthusiastic about the day ahead.

Office Decorations

Decorating the office with pink, red and white balloons, sticking hearts on office cubicles and placing steamers on the chairs are an attractive way of doing the office space. The break room can also be themed red, and flowers and heart-shaped cards placed on the room.

Goodies bags

Gifting goodie bags to employees on Valentine’s Day is a creative idea. You can add letters day cards, chocolates and voucher cards in goodie bags for each employee.

Late Start

Valentine’s Day is not a day meant for work; it is for the loved ones. People hardly have any interest to run to the office that day. As such, the management can issue a ‘start late for work’ on Valentine’s Day. This will ensure the employees give time to their family/partner or themselves and come to the office more relaxed and energized.


Charity is a great way to show love, and Valentine’s Day is about love. The management can initiate a charity in the break room where every employee can give their contributions in a jar in the place.

Bingo Game

Bingo is an enthusiastic game for employees on Valentine’s day. Bring Bingo sheets and craps to the employees and give out rewards and prizes for the winners. You’ll surely see more enthusiastic workers at the end of the day.

Teammate Appreciation

Appreciating colleagues will surely make the day of a worker. Put up an appreciation bulletin board where each worker has to post appreciation note and words of encouragement for a fellow worker. Workers feel rewarded and inspired when colleagues take the special effort to let them know how they are feeling.


Organize a mediation or yoga session to practice mindfulness and initiate concentration at work. You can invite an instructor to take up a practical course with the employees.

Indulging the employees in Valentine’s Day activities will not only initiate camaraderie but also foster a caring environment in the workplace. Group activities with them will also boost team collaboration and create a feeling of togetherness towards one another in office. This will also brighten their mood for the rest of the day at work!

When you are planning such indulging activities for your office employees, don’t forget the remote workers. Invite them to the office station through beautiful invitation cards to take part in Valentine’s Day activities. Make the Valentine’s Day a grand event with your team and help them remember the Day throughout the year.

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