Funny HR Typos That Can Kill Your Career

Typos happen, they’re ubiquitous, but some are funnier than others – especially when other people make them. No matter how many times you proofread, how many times you run a spell check, some of these slimy balls slip through. Whenever we catch a typo in other’s emails we suddenly light up. Call it schadenfreude or being mean, but HR typos are the funniest of all. Below is the crime de la crime of errors at workplace that could finish up your HR career. funny HR typos

Ten funny HR typos:

A. Evans: It was my first day at the job as an HR Asst. Manager. We had an IT guy come in and set up my email account. I was supposed to send a test email to the HR Manager, so she could later send an induction email to the entire department. I meant to type “test,” and I hit the “t” correctly, but I went one key left for “e” and “s”. I had sent “twat” email to the HR Manager on my first day at the job. I’m glad I wasn’t instantly fired from the job.  T. Allen: I had witnessed an IT meltdown in an organization with 8,000 employees. An employee happened to discover that type of email addresses included everyone, and sent a broad solicitation to celebrate Halloween. Of course, this started a round of “take me off the list,” and “why am I receiving this email,” to “everyone please don’t reply-all,” but not before out inboxes were filled with 20,000 emails. The real unfortunate moment was when the HR stepped in and sent a “Sorry for the incontinence.” Incontinence. We laughed and we laughed. D. Hughes: It was an employee’s last day in the office, as she was getting married the week after that. The HR Manager, of course, sent a companywide email, but not before signing it off with “Lots and Lots of Fuck.” Talk about Freudian slip! J. Haward: I was instant messaging with my boss who was visiting France that week for a recruitment conference. I usually try to make things exotic when I’m talking to someone overseas. “Hi” in French is “Salut,” it’s a way of saying hello politely. Instead of typing “salut,” I typed “slut.” Did I tell you my boss is a woman? Good thing she has a good sense of humor. M. Segel: I once sent out a companywide email to over 4,000 employees about an event being held at the local “Pubic Museum.” Oops. P. Hales: I once sent an email to my boss using Siri. It was to inform that I was sick and was going to take an off that day, but Siri decided to get a little frisky with the word “sick.” ‘I got DICK, I’ll be taking an off today. Please let me know if there’s anything you need from me. Thanks.’ N. Usher: I once received an email from someone called Sheila. I replied, Hi Shrek. She didn’t seem to mind – I suspect it happened fairly often. T. Troy: “Sorry I can’t. I’m very busty at the moment. Please co-ordinate with Julie [my subordinate].” I wanted to die of embarrassment. J. Scott: This was not a typo but another evidence of my sheer stupidity. I was to CC my department’s distribution list. The Subject Line read “Sysadmin Team Shit.” SHIFT! I meant SHIFT! They never let me live it down.  J. Francis: We had an HR Manager who sent a long, ranting company-wide email rolling out an office print policy. The email was full of typos, disapproving tone of the email really made it look like a rant written in a hurry. Now that G and T are quite close together, you can see where it goes… Kind Retards, XXXX

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