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‘Work,’ the very word can occasionally dampen your mood or make you roll your eyes. Not everyone lives a life living their dream job and not every job is as ideal as it looks. Work can be a drag sometimes or extremely tiring. No matter where you work, whether sitting in a chair from 9-5 or travelling around places, it can be stressful and tiring. You know what could really work in your favor? May be, some Podcasts could do just the trick that is needed to transform your mood. Now now, we have something for everyone. For every mood, be it annoying, unhappy, demotivated, sad, we are here to spoil you with various choices. Go ahead and have a look at the list of top HR podcasts. So no matter what your mood, for your mind we give you wholesome food.

Here’s the list of the Top HR Podcasts

Let’s start with the best remedy to get rid of that unwanted foul mood.

Laughter is the best medicine

Your job is serious business and you cannot afford to joke or fool around even if you want to. Now you might have a funny bone in you, but while you are working you need to maintain certain decorum. At such times, when you are taking a break you can always resort to a funny podcast to get you going through the day. Or, you might have attended a serious meeting which seemed like your boss’s funeral and you need something to pep you up. For times like these, it is always advisable to listen to something light-hearted and funny.

Haven’t you heard that laughter is the best medicine?  Throwing Shade is the perfect dose to perk you up. Hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, they tackle issues related to women and LGBT community. Hold your thought. The theme might seem serious but the content sure isn’t. Their content is hilariously nasty, and more of a gossip kind.

HR Podcasts

Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson from Throwing Shade

The podcast brews fresh content from pop culture to women’s rights and LGBT, with vulgarity and mirth. They tend to discuss on topics like the nation’s stance on homosexuality or Supreme Court’s birth control decision. But, none of their podcasts are thought provoking, they are simply twisted in synch to give it  a humorous and comical tone. Erin Gibson comes across as a “Feminasty” while Bryan calls himself “Homosensual”. Their politically incorrect sense of humor can be just the thing you need to add that zest to your mundane recipe.

Is work working you up?

If you tend to bring about a frown while leaving for work or feel uninspired to get going, you are not the only one. The mundane task of driving or getting driven around to work can be dreary. Even work-related issues like unwanted co-workers, or a baboon-like boss, or the fact that you are pushed into a job you don’t like – can make you not want to go to work. At demotivating times like these you do not even feel like stepping out of your house. Some people can be very shy or uncertain at their workplaces and so they do not feel confident enough to face the outside world.

At such times you need the right kind of motivation in order to get the job done. If you find it difficult to look for some motivation from within then you can always resort to help outside. Manager Tools is one of the podcasts that gives career advice and help managers become more effective. Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman host this podcast where they speak for 30-40 minutes on different issues related to work. Their show takes place in a dialogue form where they deal with work management issues or regarding people’s career choices.

The podcasts deal with various topics that can be of help in a person’s professional life. The subject matter could range from behavior at work to performance, strategy for team building to communication with peers and so on. This particular podcast has also been People’s Choice Podcast in 2008 and also won awards for the Best Business Podcast in 2006. 2007, 2008, 2012. Last year, it was also awarded as the Legacy show in Business.


Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman from Manager Tools

Private Issues need no tissues

The previous issue was regarding work and how it can be a demotivating factor. But, now let’s look at the other side. There are some people who love their job but still don’t like going to work. It could either be because they have recently undergone a breakup or there might be some family issues at home. Things like fighting with spouses or dieting can have their own tolls. You might be surprised but there are people who also find it difficult to follow a proper gymming schedule or a diet plan, and they too undergo anxiety. All these situations can too be taxing. While dealing with such issues you tend to get into pity parties of your own.

It is natural to feel low at such times, but, to give in, is wrong. You need to be constantly motivated in order to keep moving forward. The Chalene Show is something you need to dig into to get that proper nudge required to work confidently. Chalene Johnson has a flair that guides you through all your personal doubts. Her programs also revolve around topics such as healthy living, being constantly motivated in whatever you do and dealing with people and situations. Chalene also discusses in one of her shows, about the importance of opening up and taking about your troubles. She calls upon a former NFL player Bo Eason who then turned playwright/actor. This episode discusses the important aspects one needs to learn in order to tell their life stories.


The Chalene Show

Music can be soothing to your ears to calm yourself but sometimes you need to hear someone’s wise words to get that right push. These top HR podcasts can be helpful indeed. We know the first option is not HR related but, there are times when you need something to just make you laugh and relieve the tension. Hence we included a funny podcast to provide some variety. These top HR Podcasts have been there as constant guides and support systems to those who need to hear a friendly advice or an expert’s opinion. When you work, you come across all kinds of situations. It does not mean you need to get worked-up. Always know that there is help outside but all you need to do is look in the right place.

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