Glassdoor: The Best Companies to Work For In 2017

Every year, Glassdoor puts together its list of the best places to work among large U.S. employers. On Tuesday, the employer and CEO review site published its ninth annual list of best companies to work for in the U.S. based on employee reviews posted on the job site from Nov. 2, 2015 to Oct. 30, 2016. To be eligible, an organization needed to receive at least 75 employee reviews over the past year.


Highlights: Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards

Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards highlights the best companies to work in the U.S. from over 2.1 million anonymous company reviews. The site pulls reviews from employees based on their company experience over the past year, rating compensation and benefits, work environment and cultures and values. Here are the ten best companies to work at in the U.S.

  1. Bain & Company – 4.6 stars
  2. Facebook – 4.5 stars
  3. Boston Consulting Group – 4.4 stars
  4. Google – 4.4 stars
  5. World Wide Technology – 4.4 stars
  6. Fast Enterprises – 4.4 stars
  7. In-N-Out Burger – 4.4 stars
  8. LinkedIn – 4.4 stars
  9. Adobe – 4.3 stars
  10. Power Home Remodeling – 4.3 stars

Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google, are some of the employers to make the top ten list for all nine consecutive years. Meanwhile, global consulting firm Bain & Company dethroned Airbnb from the top spot with an average 4.6 stars.

It’s the third time in last nine years of study that Bain & Co. has bested other companies for the top spot. Employees at the company cited meritocratic culture, supportive colleagues, and dynamic work environment as big draws.

Glassdoor created a video to highlight the Bain & Co.’s top ranking.

Tech Companies That Made Glassdoor’s List

For yet another year, tech industry dominated the list, taking up 20 of the 50 spots for the best places to work for in the U.S. According to Glassdoor’s community expert Scott Dobroski, there’s a reason why so many tech companies top the list. Over the years, the tech industry had to up its game to attract and retain the best tech talent against the competition.

  1. Facebook – 4.5 stars
  2. Google – 4.4 stars
  3. World Wide Technology – 4.4 stars
  4. Fast Enterprises – 4.4 stars
  5. LinkedIn – 4.4 stars
  6. Adobe – 4.3 stars
  7. Paylocity – 4.3 stars
  8. SAP – 4.3 stars
  9. MathWorks – 4.3 stars
  10. Salesforce – 4.3 stars
  11. Intuit – 4.3 stars

Surprisingly, Airbnb, the top-ranked tech company to work for in 2016, has dropped down to 35 overall in 2017. Its rating fell from 4.6 stars to 4.2 stars. Meanwhile, Facebook, which came in second on the list, and the top tech company, was praised for free snacks at work and open communication with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

While there are recognizable names on Glassdoor’s best companies to work at list, the top spots aren’t limited to tech companies. In-N-Out Burger, took the No. 7 spot due to its energetic work environment, free food, and flexible working hours. First-timers like American aerospace manufacturer SpaceX and cleaning supply company Clorox made it to the list with overall average ratings of 4.2 stars and 4.3 stars, respectively.

Glassdoor’s Alison Berry says newcomers are putting greater emphasis on company culture and perks like off-site events and happy hours, which can be more influential on employee ratings than salaries and benefits.

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