How Good Is Automated Hiring? Let’s Find Out

The top challenges for any business right now are – recruiting and retaining talent. Organizations aware that their success relies on their employees will prioritize in hiring the top talent for their organization. As technology continues to evolve, it’s safe to say it plays a significant role in the way human resources approach the hiring and recruitment process. No matter what sector the company is in, finding is retaining great talent requires a great deal than a bunch of tools.

A 2017 survey noted that finding and hiring top talent is what keeps HR managers up at night. It’s one of the greatest concern for the last decade. However, this is reason enough for human resources managers to use HR tools and technology to make the hiring process more reliable.

A few years ago, when LinkedIn and other job applications began to gain traction, they were considered supplements to the traditional paper resume and in-person interview. Today, everything has gone digital. Traditional hiring processes fail to capture the top talent. With a bunch of smart assessment tools, recruiters and hiring managers are no longer confined within the dimensions of interviewing candidates within a certain geographic location. It has made things easier to an extent to recruiters don’t have to necessarily select someone from a bunch of resumes. They can explore unlimited resumes and profiles online, and evaluate the skills of potential applicants before interviewing them.

How Good Is Automated Hiring

There’s no denying in saying that online recruitment methods are swiftly replacing traditional methods that don’t always bring the desired results. Companies are now ready to invest in technical assessment tools that automate the hiring process.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment. Different requirements call for different tools and processes. It could be campus selection, headhunting, online assessment tools, etc. For instance, a leading UK-based retailer wanted to scale its hiring process. When the current hiring process failed to support the rapid expansion, the retailer decided to opt for online assessment tools. The tools allowed them to conduct multiple recruitment drivers from various cities for several roles and functions. It also allowed them to assess thousands of applicants remotely and ensure a fair assessment. Within four months, the company conducted over 300+ recruitment drivers, assessed over 2,000 candidates in different cities.

The process of filtering thousands of resumes saves a great deal of time. It also reduced the number of interviews your team needs to take to find the right person for the job. At the same time, it prevents candidates from becoming a bottleneck because a number of candidates can be tested simultaneously. This means that hiring managers and human resource professionals no longer have to waste their time on assessing irrelevant candidates.

Big corporations usually hire in big numbers. Campus hiring is one of the modes that these companies use. With the help of online recruiting tools, companies can accurately measure the skills of any number of candidates. Such tools can also help companies hire from different campuses from across the country.

Automated Hiring A Good Idea ?

A lot of tools nowadays support multiple question types including programming, MCQ, subjective, Android, and subjective. This can help companies save time and test a number of candidates on assorted topics.

It’s pretty easy to hire quality tech talent. You’ll find that a lot of online recruiting tools are far better at finding quality talent than traditional hiring processes.

By using such tools, recruiters can conduct technical screening without any hiccups. The coding platforms are far better than the processes that already exist out there. Some of these tools can be easily integrated into the workflow of the organization.

Recruitment is a critical process, requiring real-time effort and focus. All you need to do is combine the human-touch with online tools for a good measure. Besides, every organization, big and small, can access tools that were once only available to recruitment agencies to justify their fees in tens of thousands of dollars.

Online tools now make it possible for any company to recruit like Microsoft, as long as you’re willing to dedicate the effort.

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