When an employee is experiencing stress, a manager usually does not pay much heed to it as it’s a part of working in a professional environment. Even though an individual is mentally prepared to deal with stressful situations at work, it might adversely affect his productivity as well as his body.  Nearly two-thirds of the people experiencing stress claim that it is because of excessive workload. Also, stress-related illnesses such as depression and heart disease cost the business sector around $200 to $300 million every year due to lost productivity. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the manager to help his team deal with stress.

With the pressure of deadlines building up, the team members might get restless at such a time. This is when the manager has to step in and make sure things work smoothly despite the rising levels of stress. The manager can apply certain tactics to cope with stress.

Cut some slack to deal with stress

It’s the duty of the team leader to keep a check on the work done by his team and rectify them wherever necessary. At the same time, a good manager must be considerate towards his members to attain a good quality of work. When a stressful week is going on, try to lighten the mood to relax the members. A lighthearted joke at the right time or small friendly conversation will divert their minds for a while and make them feel fresh. Encourage them to take breaks in between work as that will accelerate the speed with which they work.

Deal with stress

It is the responsibility of the manager to help his team deal with stress.

In case there was a deadline the team met with efficiency, take them for a small treat like a movie or a casual dinner to applaud them for their hard work and dedication. This will motivate them to put in more effort the next time and better results will be achieved. If there is a stressful vibe in the workplace, tell the team members to feel free to discuss any kind of problems with the manager. Be it doubts related to work or queries about how to deal with stress, be available for the team and lend an ear to their problems. This will help the manager win the trust of his team which will make them feel valued. During stressful situations, try not to nag the employees. Even if one has to remind or correct them, do it in a polite manner.

Organize the work for smooth functioning

Hold a weekly meeting with the team and make a timeline which all must follow. Segregate the work on the basis of the field of expertise of each employee. If one assigns the work according to the employee's skill, then the end result will have better efficiency. Also, fix the break time for every employee so that the break doesn’t last for more than intended. Send all instructions through email which the members can refer to in case they missed out on anything. Stay available at all times to clear the queries of the members. Make a working strategy and instruct everyone to follow the same.

Most importantly, the leader is the example everyone will follow. So the manager must be aware of his behavior and actions at all times. Only then he can expect his team to behave accordingly. With strategic planning and mutual understanding, the team can deal with stress with ease.

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