Got First-day-at-work Jitters? Here are 5 Tips for You!

The First day at work brings a lot of feelings associated with unfamiliarity. But most importantly, you need to be optimistic that you’re going to do very well in the new workplace, they already knew, that’s why they hired you. The way you feel now about the office is not strange. Almost all the employees there were once in your shoe, that’s just the truth. Even with all the necessary training, learning the corporate culture, establishing friendships with colleagues and asking loads of questions are inevitable on your first day at job. We have gathered five (5) tips for you as you deal with jitters on your first day of work.


arrive early

Ordinarily, leaving home when you have just 15 minutes left to be at work can leave you very disorganized, especially if your commute would take around 13 minutes. As a new worker, this scenario is something you should avoid completely by waking up early. Prepare and arrive at least few minutes before the time you’re expected to be at work. It gives you time to settle down when there are just a few workers in the office and to familiarize with the environment before work starts. Arriving early will also send a good message about you while also increasing your confidence.


absorb corporate culture

Imagine dressing inappropriately on your first day of work. That’s a whole lot of embarrassment. Well, it’s just one scenario of being odd at work when you’re a new employee with no familiarity with the corporate culture, there are many others. You can avoid looking odd and minimize jitters by reading and absorbing the corporate policy of your new workplace. Other policies you should be very observant with include social media, printing material, breaks, and some other etiquette. Ask questions about the information that’s not very clear to you once you arrive.


setup office

Part of your measures to suppress jitters on your first day at job is to set up your office. This helps you to arrange your working materials at handy positions and to help you feel more at home. Setup your email signature, your voicemail and your desk, seeing them with your name helps your familiarity. Consider surveying the desk of your colleagues to see if there are personal pictures. If yes, then be ready to place yours for more confidence.


schedule a lunch

You cannot plan to isolate yourself when you need friendship with your colleagues to overcome jitters. Consider asking one or two colleagues to join you as you leave for lunch. You may start by asking for their favorite lunch places since you’re new. Once you have the opportunity to interact at lunch, try to ask them about their jobs and initiate other discussions not related to work like sports and movies.


be focus to understand

Your first day at work should be a day to spend more time listening and observing closely. Being sensitive to learning will help you to easily blend with the kind of social life, communication style and others. You should spend about 80 percent of your time at the office listening, and use the remaining 20 percent to ask questions.

Priyansha Mistry
Currently editor at The HR Digest Magazine. She helps HR professionals identify issues with their talent management and employment law. | Priyansha tweets at @PriyanshaMistry

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