How A GQ-Style Resume Landed This Guy His Dream Job

If there’s one thing that increases your chances of getting a job is to stand out from the crowd. And what better than making a magazine-style CV when applying for a top fashion magazine? That’s exactly what Sumukh Mehta, a 21-year old college graduate when he sent a GQ-style resume to the GQ headquarters located in London, New York, and Mumbai.

GQ-style resume

Now, the amazing magazine-style CV has landed him an internship with Gentlemen’s Quarterly Magazine at London.

Mehta mentioned that it took him three weeks to get done with the GQ-style resume including the time taken for graphic designing, photo shoot, and the content writing. The cover page features his photo along with his skills and hobbies.

GQ-style resume

Mehta stated that he was helping college graduates in drafting their resumes, he said:

"I had been running a website for the past year where I help graduates and working employees convert their normal resumes [CV] into infographic resumes.”

He recently graduated with a business management degree from Jain University in India. He also mentioned that GQ was his target and he wanted his resume to be extra special to grab their attention.

GQ-style resume

Mehta said to BBC:

“GQ had been on my mind for a long time. But when I checked the Conde Nast publication portal, it said that people who do not have a work visa or resident visa could not apply for a job role. I started thinking that if I send a normal resume, it'll end up in the bin. So I thought of portraying myself as a model on the cover and making a magazine which showcases my resume in a creative way. I got the whole resume printed exactly like the original British GQ.”

GQ-style resume

Mehta also mentioned that he received an email from GQ three weeks after sending the GQ-style resume, which mentioned that he impressed the editor-in-chief, Dylan Jones. He was offered a six-month paid internship, without even interviewing for the post.

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