How to Gracefully Handle Things Post Maternity Leave

Re-joining office post your delivery can be a major change in your work life, bringing a new-you to the desk. Some days you may want to quit your job too. Being at work post maternity leave will make you feel fulfilling, with people congratulating and celebrating your motherhood. You will be back to handling major responsibilities with a sense of accountability. But at the same time you will also feel empty without your newborn by your side.

Handling Post Maternity Leave

There will be times that you will crave the presence of your baby, the newborn’s soft touch. Some days you won’t even feel like working productively while other days you will want to stay away from the cranky behaviour of your baby for a while. So how are you supposed to carry on with your tasks with this empty feeling in your heart?

Accept the Changes

Maternity Leave

The day you walked out of your office followed by a maternity vacation was your last pre-motherhood day at work. You have to accept this major change before re-joining work. It is obvious that things won’t remain the same post maternity leave. The longing to be with your warm, snugly infant won’t really make you want to be the first or last one at office.

Well, talking about the advantages of your post maternity leave is like doubting motherhood. We know about the new attributes of multi-tasking your baby has brought upon you. Oh! Your time management skills have also soared rocket high given the tough task of managing your newborn’s tiny needs. Also, no one can ever doubt the empathy and compassion levels that motherhood brings. All these qualities are only going to make you a better worker, better colleague, better leader.

So, take a deep breath if you cannot spin some ‘extra-time’ for work like old days. There is a lot more on your plate that is new and even more fulfilling for you and your employer alike.

Do it because it Satisfies You

re-joining office post maternity leave4

Remember, the road of joining post maternity is not going to be a beautiful drive down the hill. It is going to be a rocky, patchy path. You will face people who will celebrate your motherhood, compliment your post delivery glow. But you will also face people who will pass lame comments as well as sympathise with you for working after delivery. Moreover there will be those ‘I am a Superman’ kind-of individuals who will make you feel weak and needy of help. Yes, some of them will help you with chores out of genuine care also. Given these different aspects, you need to brace yourself for a roller-coaster ride while re-joining office.

Additionally, you also have to keep in mind that comparison doesn’t work. Who has done what, who has done better than you, and who are multi-tasking moms, these issues are not any of your businesses. This is the time to enjoy a whole new dimension of feelings rather than nosing around in who’s who matters.

One Step at a Time

We understand that this dual responsibility of being a mother and a hard-working employee is not easy. Sure it feels like burning a candle on both the ends. Just bear in mind that you have to follow a new routine without being nostalgic about your old one. Also try to give your body as much rest as you can, and never lose your self-confidence as an employee or a leader.

Certainly, your work responsibilities are your priorities in office. Yet, it should remain a priority only during your 9-5 gig. This is the most beautiful time to bond with your cosy lil’ one and your family. Never ever take this feeling for granted. Always set aside your ‘Mommy time’ surrounding around your baby, partner, and family without any disturbances.

Things are going to change evidently. Wanting them to remain the same is like expecting to squeeze into your hourglass-figure wardrobe post maternity leave. Accept that change is inevitable and Go with the Flow.

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