Great Office Reopening: Welcome Back Employees With New Policies

What kind of policies should you put in place to welcome back employees after they’ve been away from their office for some time? Should you offer them a free lunch or a gift card during office reopening?

The workplace has changed significantly over the last decade. Many companies now operate 24/7, and employees spend less time at the office. This means that employers have to adapt to new working methods, such as flexible hours and remote working.

As a result, many workplaces have introduced new policies to support these changes. For example, some companies allow workers to take breaks, and others provide free lunches. Some also offer rewards programs to encourage staff to come into the office.

In this article, we look at what these different practices mean for employers and how they can be used to help improve employee engagement and retention rates.

Office Opening in Modern Work Settings

As companies become more focused on productivity and efficiency, they are changing how they operate. This shift has led to changes in office reopening, employee benefits, and perks. For example, some companies now offer free food and snacks, flexibility, and even paid vacation days. On top of these changes, many workplaces have begun adding more “family-friendly” amenities, such as napping areas and playrooms for kids.

These additions help improve employee morale while reducing stress levels and a stable future of work. They also give families a fun place to bring their children when they need a break from work.

future of work employee engagement

A happy employee is good for business.

While it may seem like all this attention is being paid to boost worker productivity, future of work, and efficiency, research suggests that there could be another hidden benefit: happier employees who feel better about themselves because they know that they can take advantage of family-friendly benefits. 

There may be something to the saying, “A happy employee is good for business.” It seems that a company that gives its employees what they want will find its workforce to be more productive and loyal.

How To Welcome Your Team’s Back 

Before your team comes back from leave, check out the following tips for an office reopening to make sure everyone feels comfortable at work:

Make sure everyone knows what the rules are —such as dress code, noise level standards, use of cell phones, etc.—before they come back. If anything has changed since they left, let them know immediately to adjust accordingly.

  • Let them know which office phone numbers they can reach if they have questions or problems. Give them an area by receptionists or secretaries to ask questions before calling you directly.
  • Offer new policies or updates to existing ones.
  • Be sure to introduce any major new programs or events.
  • Keep up a regular schedule of social gatherings, so your staff doesn’t get too lonely. You’ll probably also want to establish a schedule of meetings throughout the year, so people don’t lose touch with one another.
  • Ask how they’d like to handle communication —email or face-to-face —and then stick to it. Having clear guidelines helps keep things organized.
  • Introduce special incentives and rewards to reinforce the positive aspects of your new policy. 
  • Remember, not everything is a reward! Some people do enjoy routine activities like checking email regularly every morning. But if someone prefers to check emails later in the day, set aside a few extra minutes in your daily standup meeting to discuss how each person likes to receive their messages, so they don’t miss important information.
  • You don’t necessarily need to throw a party for your team to get back to work, but you do need to give them the tools they need to stay healthy while remaining productive. Provide the team with snacks, water bottles, and even an ergonomic keyboard stand if necessary. This way, they won’t feel tired and sluggish just because they work from home.

Why Does An Office Welcome Back Matter?

When an effective office reopening is employed, workers  feel welcome and appreciated at work, and they’re often much less likely to jump ship. The longer a company commits to supporting its employees, the greater the employee’s engagement to stay put and grow personally and professionally within that organization.

In addition to improving overall well-being, these small but helpful changes create a positive atmosphere throughout a business. If staff members feel valued by their employer, employee engagement will grow more consistently. And if employees are consistent, companies would not have to experience employee burnout, and businesses see higher productivity. The results of this virtuous cycle are obvious: increased revenue and profits.

Companies that succeed at organizational change start by looking at individual departments first and moving on to larger changes. When your entire organization functions efficiently, each department can provide customer service and quality that customers expect from a thriving brand. This means that no part of the supply chain suffers when things go wrong (like a missed delivery deadline).

Bottom Line

In addition to being beautiful, modern workplaces should reflect the values of the individuals who work there. These days, it’s not uncommon for companies to place a high value on creativity, self-expression, and individuality. Whether you hire a designer to update your office décor or bring experts in to improve morale, creating a welcoming environment through a warm office reopening that celebrates these qualities will make employees feel appreciated and respected.

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