Great perks and benefits that build company culture

The greatest assets of any company are its employees and if you want to attract the best talent and retain them, then having a great company culture is essential.

Good company culture does not develop overnight; it takes a lot of effort to build a reputation and brand within the industry.

If a company has a reputation of being a bad paymaster, not keeping its promises, working people overtime, then the attrition rate is going to be very high. Such a company will not be able to grow and will lose out to better competitors.

Employee benefits and perks value job

So what is positive company culture? Is it about offering a good salary, perks and benefits?

It is about a good pay packet and perks definitely, but it’s much more than that.

A good company culture denotes maximum opportunity for an employee to function at his/her optimal level.

That means providing them with all support for professional development.

It can be in the form of funding for a higher professional course.

In-house training programs. Mentorships that help a person learn the ropes and in-house skills to move forward.

Encouragement and opportunities to attend industry workshops and meets.

Clear-cut HR policies on leaves and time off

The company should encourage people to take time off. Employees should not feel that they need to be working at all odd hours to justify their pay. HR should follow up with people if they have not taken time off for more than six months.

Some companies offer holidays on birthdays and anniversaries and some bonus time off for a job well done.

Family time

If a company is family-centered, employees are also happy and willing to walk that extra mile for the company. Some companies give parental leaves to both mom and dad. The same leave can be utilized if some family member needs care due to medical reasons.

According to the annual benefits survey of 2019 by The Society for Human Resource Management, 34 percent of employers offer paid maternity leave to women. At the same time, 30% of companies provide fathers with paid paternity leave, and 29% offer paid adoption leave. There are some monetary benefits that can be given for taking care of hospital dues.

An onsite health hub

Here employees can take advantage of available health benefits, including massages, yoga sessions, and avail the services of a counselor in attendance.

Nutritionists and special meals to cater to diets are also available at many professional places.

Community support and activities

Multiple studies had shown that the new generation of workers values brands that follow green policies and have a reputation for giving back to society. Companies with a positive work culture encourage employees to participate in their community-help programs and drives. They set aside hours for doing voluntary services, organize events and programs to raise funds.

Having an open office environment with time to celebrate 

Positive culture means making efforts to celebrate your colleagues’ milestones. Also, marking holiday celebrations like Christmas, July 4, Women’s Day and more promotes healthy interactions.

Pet-friendly offices

Companies can offer pet insurance to employees. Set aside certain days for bringing your pet to office. Have regular check-up drives or can offer vouchers for vet visits as a reward.

Flexible work environment

The pandemic has made companies realize that flexibility is the name of the game. Allowing employees to choose to work from home or from remote locations expands the talent pool, is cost-effective and more productive.

Companies that already had such a culture, benefitted a great deal during the Corona-induced lockdowns as they could easily transition to that model. Flexibility, work from home, and hybrid work options are a new reality, and companies have to come to terms with that.

Anna Verasai
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