The HR Digest’s “Great Workplaces” annual list is designed to honor companies where leaders foster collaboration by building trust and by facilitating relationships. It’s for companies where diversity is valued; information isn’t suppressed; and the leaders aim to provide people with life satisfaction as opposed to job satisfaction alone. From the perspective of the employee, a great workplace is one where you can trust the people you work for, take pride in your work, and like the people you work with. To find companies that makes the happiness of their employees a prime goal, we are proud to present our “Great Workplaces” survey for 2022.

Selection Criteria

  • To qualify, companies should be in business for at least three years with minimum 25 full-time employees in a single location.
  • Company employees must fill-up the “Great Workplaces” survey below preferably using their company email IDs.

All efforts have been put to maintain credibility and sanctity of selection process pre- and post- nomination as well as final top ten. All decisions taken by the Editorial team will be considered final and no objections will be entertained.