How to Handle Workplace Romance and Pay Raise Issues in “Donna” Way

Workplace romance and pay raise issues are common in a majority of organizations. Moreover, whether you’re aware or not, workplace sexual harassment is also common these days. Time and again, you might’ve come across some news articles or channels reporting incidents regarding sexual harassment at work. Well, it’s nothing new. It has become a part of corporate culture. It’s important to realize that such scenarios are a painful reminder of the dark side of the corporate world. Sure, every big company keeps talking about equal pay, gender equality, rich diversity, no office affairs, etc., but we all know where it all ends.

Recently, I’ve started watching TV series – Suits. Like a majority of Suits fans, I am absolutely in love with the character of Donna. The sassy and stylish Executive Assistant dressed in classy dresses delivers a swoon-worthy performance. She’s not only great in the style department, but also workplace conducts. Her dry and catchy one-liners make viewers laugh out loudly. Similarly, her work at Pearson Hardman law firm gives some serious career goals. Her sass, wise nature, and wisdom leave so many powerful lessons for female employees.

Let’s take a look at some of the “Donna Lessons” on pay raise issues, workplace sexual harassment, and workplace romance.

Workplace Lessons – The Donna Way!

Workplace Romance

How To Deal With Workplace Romance

Try to keep yourself away from such situation. It will simply put your productivity at bay. Moreover, it can also destroy your well-framed reputation in front of your bosses. Trust me. Your boss catching you red-handed romancing a colleague would be humiliating.

How To Deal With Rejection

It’s very important to have a life beyond the workplace. Surround yourself with people who care for you and will always be there for you. Befriend those people who can always offer positive guidance. You need to learn that rejections are a part of life. So what if you’re rejected from an interview or denied a promotion? You don’t have to make an issue out of it. There are a plenty of opportunities out there. Move on.

How to Show Your Presence in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Be confident. You do not have to apologize for who you are. You must never try to become like someone else. Have faith in your knowledge and skills. Present your ideas boldly rather than caring what your male colleagues would think. Fight back sexist comments in a polite yet powerful manner. Do not be aggressive. You should always feel that you’re in a world that doesn’t believe in bias.

How To Deal With Pay Raise Dilemma

Don’t shy away from asking for a raise. It’s very important for you to know your own value. You must know how much you’re contributing towards the success of your organization. It’s your right to ask for a time-to-time pay raise. Ask in an unapologetic and confident way.


How to Handle Tough Bosses

Are you having trouble dealing with a stubborn boss? Try it in a way Donna does. You cannot expect an overnight miracle in the nature of your boss. What you can do is, influence them. And I don’t mean manipulate your boss, but try to discuss your ideas politely with him. Let them arrive at a conclusion thinking it was their own idea.


How To Deal With Workplace Sexual Harassment

No one has the right to disrespect or violate a woman. If this happens, do not hesitate to discuss with concerned officials and make sure they take necessary steps. However, we know how layered and complicated it can be, but don’t hesitate.

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