Happiness at Workplace is Not a Myth

Toiling for the whole workweek from 9-5 is not an easy task and people sometimes feel that most of times they are happy once they leave their workplace. With work pressures, office politics, and gossips, we understand that you feel unhappy at times. But trust us, happiness at workplace is NOT a myth, and it is very much possible. When we say that you can experience a homely feeling at your office also, we mean it. It is very simple folks, you just have to look out for little gestures and that will be enough to make you happy. For once, try to observe these small things around you at work which have the ability to make you feel good.

Little things giving Happiness at Workplace

Happiness at workplace


We say, for once try to change your perspective about feedbacks. Be it positive or negative, your seniors give you feedback because they are concerned about you. No one will like to waste their energy if they are not interested in seeing you improve. Try to understand this and start accepting feedbacks in a constructive manner. When you do this, even the negative feedbacks will push you to improve more instead of tearing you apart.

Co-workers Bitten by the Happiness Bug

One thing no one of us can deny is the power of positive vibes. When you are around people who are sociable and have a tendency to chit-chat every once in a while happily it instantly makes working easier. Also, a smile is such a powerful tool that can brighten your day in just an eye-blink. Some colleagues are always there to help you get up when you are down, with a warm hug or maybe, your favorite ice-cream.

Happiness at workplace is due to happy people around. Surround yourself with such co-workers and they will always bring sunshine to your mundane routine at workplace.

A Friend, Guide, Mentor

You can find inspiration from many co-workers around you. You can even find a mentor in your colleague or a senior. Nothing can be more satisfying than having a confidant at workplace, or having someone around from whom you get your dose of inspiration.

With such people at workplace, your stress can feel less stressful, and you can feel really happy and secure. You should consider yourself to be really lucky if you have even one such colleague around you.

The Entertainment Factor

Now we all know one thing for sure that happening activities can easily boost your mood. A hang-out session after office, a funny co-worker, celebrating someone’s special day, dinner or movie plans with co-workers, it is so easy to create happiness at workplace, isn’t it?

Ambience Matters

There is a reason why experts say that the interiors and lighting around your desk can affect your mood at work. Try to keep your desk tidy and do not deck it up with files and folders all around. Hang some pictures with good memories, have a book you can read, take short breaks, or put up some fancy decors. Have a minimalistic approach so that you do not clog yourself mentally or your desk.

Sharing is Caring

You can also share food with your co-workers regularly. Doing this will help you strike a conversation and also everyone will be able to taste different cuisines every day. Two benefits in just one attempt sound interesting eh!

If you have a positive perspective then even the tiniest of things can make you happy. You just need to have a knack for observing such small moments. Trust us; small things are not small at all. Such little things have the ability for having the biggest impacts in our lives.

If you also agree that happiness at workplace is not a myth, then share your happy experience about workplace with us. You can drop a comment below or e-mail us at- [email protected]

Anna Verasai
Anna Verasai
Anna Versai is a Staff Writer at The HR Digest; she covers topics related to Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Interview Tips, Employee Benefits, and HR Leadership. She also writes for Technowize, providing her views on the Upcoming Technology, Product Reviews, and the latest apps and softwares.

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